Ways to Create Custom Portraits of Your Favorite Memories


Have you ever considered it to start with a “Paint my Life” project? I met someone a few months ago who is doing just that. And he convinced me that I should also start with a “My painted life” project.

I’ve started with it and enjoy every moment of it. I’ve discovered that “My Life Paintings” is fun to be involved with. Not only has this project brought back sweet memories, but it is also saving the memories for generations to come.

In this article, I will tell you why I think everyone should start a “My life Painting” project and show you how easy it is.

Why A”My Life Painting” Project is Something to Consider?

Nowadays, in our technological age, most of our visual memories are kept somewhere on a mobile phone, tablet, or in the cloud. Sometimes we print one or two of the photos to put in a frame and hang it on a wall in our homes.

But generally speaking, we don’t have family photos on walls in our homes anymore. We also don’t have photo albums anymore with pictures of our favorite moments to share with someone without paging through digital images on our electronic devices.

If this sounds like your situation, you have to start considering converting your photos to custom portraits. You can begin with one portrait of your favorite moment and, in time, create a “gallery” with all your favorite memories.

What Should be Part of A “My Painted Life” Portfolio?

You can have all your favorite memories converted into custom paintings. All you need is a photograph of the occasion, and a skilled artist will be able to create a beautiful painting.

You can even ask the artist to combine more than one photo in the painting. If, for instance, you have a specific favorite photo of you and your bride on your wedding day, but you want to have the church where the wedding ceremony was held in the background of the painting, you just provide the artist with the relevant photos and discuss the composition.

So, you can be creative and let the artist depicts the elements in the portrait as you remember it or want it to be. It also works the other way round. For example, if you have only one photo where you are wearing your club’s sportswear, but there are other people in the photo you don’t want in your painting, you can arrange with the artists to only include the people you want to have.

The bottom line is that you can recreate all your favorite memories and all you need is a photograph of the occasion.

Where Do You Find An Artist to Create the Custom Portraits?

When you’ve decided to embark on a “Paint my Life” journey, you will probably wonder where to start. The initial step is finding a reputable studio you can trust to create worthy custom portraits.

There are many galleries nowadays advertising online that they can produce custom portraits. Unfortunately, not all of them can deliver top-quality work. To help you find a reputable gallery, check whether they offer the following:

  • A 100% satisfaction guarantee.
  • Proofs of the work before finalizing and delivering.
  • A money-back guarantee and a reasonable return policy.
  • A variety of styles and customization.
  • Classically trained artists are doing the paintings.
  • Free/reasonable shipping.
  • Reasonable adjustments to the artwork

What is the Process?

Contact the studio you’ve decided to use and discuss the painting you want with the studio. Next, find out with whom do have to liaise. Some galleries will allow you to contact the specific artist direct, while others will request that you always contact their customer service section. You can use the following checklist with your first contact, although good studios or galleries usually have well-designed order forms asking for all the information they need.

The checklist:

  • Discuss what must be in the portrait and what “feeling” the painting must convey.
  • Indicate the composition you want in the portrait.
  • Arrange whether you need only the custom portrait’s canvas or whether it must be provided to you as a framed painting.
  • Indicate what medium must be used – for instance, oil, watercolor, pencil
  • Discuss what size the canvas should be.
  • Indicate what type of frame you want if you order it as a framed painting.

The studio will generally create a digital mock-up. This is sent to you so you can thoroughly view the portrait and give it your approval. You are also welcome to provide any editing suggestions. Once the artist receives your approval, he will start to paint your portrait. On completion of the artwork, the artist will take a picture of the portrait and send it to you. Normally you will be allowed to ask for minor modifications.

An Option if You Can’t Afford an Artist

If you don’t have the funds to pay for a studio or artist to create all your “My painted Life” paintings for you, you can create your paintings with an app. It’s like creating a DIY project “Paint my Life Photograph”.

You can actually use the right app in the process of making custom portraits from photos. The best part; you don’t have to be an experienced photo editor or have advanced Photoshop. All you have to do is ensure that the app allows printing the final painting.

Many apps allow you to choose from several options to customize the look of your portrait. In addition, many apps give you different options regarding the canvas types, giving a specific texture to the final product.


To start creating your gallery with the theme “My Painted Life” can be fun. The fun begins when you have to remind yourself of memorable things that have happened in your life. Then you’ll have fun – and perhaps frustration – finding relevant photos. And if you have good portraits in oil, for instance, the fun will never stop, and you’ll have lifelong joy when you relive your favorite memories. And generations will have the custom portrait paintings to remind them of you.

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