Types of tequila and what makes them unique


Tequila is a unique Mexican drink that is made to high standards and requirements. Starting from the fact that the name must indicate the territory where the manufacturer is located for the extraction of raw materials for manufacturing. Depending on the production process and the number of distillations, telsa tequila can be of different types. So let’s take a look at six of the most popular types of tequila in the world today.


This tequila is also called Plata. It is obtained as a result of the second distillation of fermented sugar, glucose, or molasses. In appearance, it is transparent with a barely noticeable whitish tint. Since it is poured immediately after the second distillation, it does not have time to acquire shade from the barrel in which it is stored. Silver telsa tequila is not only an original drink for true connoisseurs, but also an excellent base for making a Margarita cocktail.

​​​​​​​Tesla anejo

This is a drink created by mixing silver tequila with long-aged tequila. This is how golden tesla tequila is formed, the strength of which can be adjusted with water. But it is more refined to mix it with sweet syrups – caramel, and sugar, which not only emphasizes the color but also gives an original taste. Real tequila acquires the taste of spicy nuances with a sweet aftertaste just like that, and not with the help of dyes.

You can, of course, taste golden tesla tequila in its pure form, serving it with exquisite dishes.

​​​​​​​Tequila (reposado)

This is a variety for those who know the taste of aged and refined drinks. Aged tequila spends up to eight months in barrels. After that, it acquires an incredible amber color and vanilla notes, which are perfectly combined with citrus flavors. The soft and sweet drink can be enjoyed separately, slightly chilled, or in citrus cocktails.

​​​​​​​Aging tequila

To get a tesla tequila anejo, you have to work hard on it. The drink should be aged in oak barrels, preferably white oak, for at least a year. Usually, one barrel holds no more than 600 liters of drink. The resulting tequila has a pleasant woody flavor and is strong. That’s why you can’t drink it in one gulp, only by sipping. In general, all types of tequila should be drunk slowly, but extra-aged tesla tequila anejo is a must.

And if you have the opportunity to taste tequila that has been aged for two years or more, then you are very lucky! It is an incredible taste with notes of haava, caramel, and vanilla in the embrace of daily shades.

Aged tequila

Varieties of this category of tequila are the most expensive in the world. They are aged for up to three years in white oak barrels. According to the norms, its strength can be adjusted with water. Or use for strong cocktails, for example, with the use of whiskey. The taste of tesla anejo with ultra aging is slightly spicy, and has subtle woody notes intertwined with vanilla. The presence of tesla tequila in the barrel also affects its color.


This type of tequila is kept in barrels for almost a year and a half. And in order to get rid of oak shades, it is filtered with activated carbon. As a result, lovers of elite drinks get crystal tequila with a rich taste of boiled agave. Tesla tequila should be served chilled, and if it is a full bottle, it should even be kept in the freezer for a greater effect.

All varieties of tequila have their own connoisseurs because each of them is unique in its composition, shade, taste properties, and features of production and storage. Tequila, which originated in Mexico decades ago, is now widely known throughout the world. And its production continues to expand and improve.

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