Tucked in by a miracle


Using big words makes the message be less trustworthy, it’s a proven fact. What is also a proven fact is that a weighted blanket for kids does wonders no matter the sleeping habits or personality of the child. How can that be possible? Easy, it makes the user feel safe, just like when being hugged tightly, because it puts even pressure on the entire body all through the night. I was disappointed I haven’t heard about this earlier, it would have made a whole lot of difference for my peace of mind while my children were toddlers. Because, you see, some babies sleep, others don’t, but all toddlers have a certain period where sleeping is there worst enemy they have and it seems like you cannot do anything about it. They fight it, they fight you, it’s crazy and you just wonder how do they still have the energy. But they do and it’s exhausting and nerve wrecking.

This weighted blanket concept is new, but at the same time kind of old. I have a winter blanket made by my grandma, it weights a tone and, to be honest, I never used it because of that. But it seems like there was more wisdom in making it so heavy that one could have imagined. I just thought it was the price to pay for being kept warm (in Siberia, if needed), but the benefits are higher than this, apparently. Leaving aside the intuition of our elders and getting back to our subject, the weighted blanket is simply one that, by being a certain percentage of the body weight of the user, ensures their body temperature stays the same and applies constant pressure, so that the quality and length of the night sleep are improved.

The weighted blanket for kids with removable cover from Hazli is the premium version of what I’ve explained above. It has a triple layered composition, with 100% breathable cotton filled with hypo-allergenic micro glass beads and one layer of microfiber. This is the guarantee for its 100% efficiency, they say. They had me at „removable cover”, as anything designed for kids should take into account they manage to spill or spit all sorts of things you need to wash easily, preferably not by hand. I thought I will not have the chance to see the benefits for myself, as my kids were older, but then I saw that they had a variety of options for different age groups and thought I should give it a try. Ordered one for each, because this is what you do when you have 2 kids arguing for anything and turned it into a contest. Whoever slept more got a prize (mine was the fact that they would have a whole night sleep without interruptions…). The results were mindblodwing. What a difference! 11 hours of sleep for one, 11:45 for the other J If you’re not a parent, you don’t know what a blessing this is. It translates into a lot of time for yourself, during which you almost have the freedom from your years – without – kids period. It’s just wonderful and exciting at the same time! I got to watch an entire movie with their dad, I loaded and unloaded the dishwasher in the same day, I even had a bath with foam and wine, which was my go-to therapy at home when things were too crazy to bear.

Buy this blanket. It is not o fortune, although I would recommend buying it even if it was. It changes the life of the entire family, not only that of your kids. And you know what? You deserve all the help you can get

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