Top Fundraising Strategies for a Post-Pandemic World


In 2020, you had to work extra hard when it came to fundraising. From considering the benefits of Raisers Edge Nxt vs Salesforce to creating innovative events, you’ve made some changes to your approach and learned some valuable lessons. Now that things are returning to normal, you need to consider which new techniques are worth integrating into future efforts.

How To Leverage Data From Raiser’s Edge in Your Marketing Strategies

First of all, you should absolutely keep any upgrades made to your data management software. There’s a lot of valuable data in Raisers Edge Salesforce that you can use to encourage giving. For example, you can identify constituents who are more likely to give and give large amounts, allowing you to focus your resources for greater success.

Create an Effective Social Media & Email Marketing Campaign

Online communication became critical during 2020 — not just for fundraising efforts but as a way to connect with others when physical distance was necessary. Today, people still rely on these connections even as they start to see each other in person.

This shift in thought may make constituents more open to online communication. To make the most of your connections, you should reach out via the internet:

  • Email newsletters
  • Social media posts
  • Messaging apps

Use These Techniques To Increase Your Fundraising

So, what techniques should you carry over from 2020 efforts? While not every approach will translate well into the post-pandemic world, there are a few that can be adjusted for or integrated into your newest campaign. As you consider your nonprofit’s next move, here are the top techniques you should keep in mind.

Remember the Human Element

Everyone who gives is a human being in search of something. For some, it’s meaning; for others, it’s the chance to make a difference. Understanding these motivations is essential to fundraising.

Gather Information

Knowing your constituents will always be one of the most important factors when it comes to fundraising. You need to understand who donors are and what they’re willing to give. The better organized your information is, the easier it will be to achieve this.

Utilize Online Venues

2020 was filled with digital meetings, and it turns out, people liked them. Opening up attendance to an online stream makes meetings and parties more accessible, which means more people have the opportunity to give.

Of course, there will always be people who want to dress up and go out, but there’s plenty of room for both in-person and digital events. In fact, you can offer both options at the same time.

Try New Approaches

The most important takeaway, of course, is to try new things. While sticking to what works is admirable advice, the truth is, you don’t know if something works until you try it. You should develop a system for innovation that allows you to test new techniques and determine their efficiency.

Armed with Salesforce classy integration, a new perspective and advanced tools, you can create campaigns that are even more effective than past efforts. If 2020 has proven anything, it’s that nonprofits need to be prepared to adapt. If you keep this lesson in mind, your organization will be ready for anything the future brings.

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