Tips to Ace Class 7 Science exam


Class 7 Science contains fascinating chapters that teach the students about the scientific world around them.  Students can master Class 7 Science with a little bit of effort and hard work. Especially if you are curious about the world around you and have even a little bit of scientific temperament, you would enjoy studying this subject. When you enjoy and understand that which you study, you can easily score great marks in that subject.  

  • Start early:

Acing any subject depends on how confident you are with its subject matter. To be confident in a particular subject, you need to stay on top of it throughout the year. This requires that you study it seriously from the start of the academic year. Do not wait for test announcements to begin preparation. Stay vigilant in the class as you are being taught various chapters and you will save yourself a lot of hassle toward the exams.

  • Smart Planning:

Another advantage of beginning at the earliest is that you get ample time to plan your timetable. You even get time to test out different schedules and see which one is more practical. So as the year starts, get a good idea about the number of chapters that you need to study throughout the year. Class 7 Science NCERT textbook contains a total of 18 chapters. Have a casual look at them. See how extensive they are and which topics seem difficult to you and plan accordingly. Making a timetable will work in your favor only if you stick to it diligently throughout.

  • What study material to use?

  1. NCERT: your NCERT textbook needs to be your focus to excel in Class 7 Science. At this stage, you do not need extra reference books. All you need to do is make sure that you are thoroughly aware of every inch of your NCERT textbook and you are sure to score high marks.
  2. Question Papers: in addition to the NCERT textbook, you must get a look at the previous year’s question papers to give yourself an idea about the kind of questions that are asked in Class 7 exams. This should also give you an idea about the important topics that are most often asked in the CBSE Exams.
  3. Important questions: you can make your own important questions from the textbook, collect them chapter-wise from sample papers and past papers, or look to download them from credible online sources
  4. Revision notes: make notes to enhance your understanding, memorization, and aid the revision process. 
  5. Worksheets: you can look for chapter-wise worksheets online which may help you get good practice for different chapters. For example, you may search for Nutrition in Plants Worksheet for Class 7 CBSE and download it from a reliable website. 
  • Make notes:  

As mentioned, revision notes can be an essential tool in the course of your studies. Prepare good-quality notes for each chapter. This serves two essential purposes:

  1. When you make notes, you read a chapter over and over again, write its important points and analyze it yourself. This helps you learn the chapter instinctively.
  2. Your collection of notes will be extremely beneficial to you closer to examinations. You will be able to refer to your notes for revision and do not have to go through the entire chapter when only a little time is left for the exam. Hence, make sure that your notes are concise yet thorough and cover all the important information.
  • Conceptual clarity:

All your hard work and efforts will only be fruitful if you understand your textbook material. Rote learning is bound to be forgotten within a short time. Therefore, make efforts to understand the concepts being taught in the chapter. You can refer to visual aids like conceptual videos or added explanations on the internet to have a wholesome understanding of all the topics. Class 7 Science contains very basic concepts that will help you understand the science in your upcoming grades. So make sure that you work on having clarity on all the concepts.

  • Memorization:

When you understand a chapter, make sure that you try to memorize all the important terms, definitions, processes, diagrams, etc. Although understanding the concepts is important, memorizing efficiently is also essential so that you do not miss out on important points in the examination.

  • Relate and apply:

Class 7 Science teaches the students very essential concepts that students can even relate to when they apply the knowledge learned in the class to their surroundings. This will not only kindle their curiosity but also etch the subject material learned in the class deep in their minds. This way they will never forget their Class 7 Science concepts.

  • Online tests:

Another thing you can do that can help you get the good practice before the exam is taking online tests related to the chapters that you learned. This can help you evaluate where you stand currently concerning your syllabus.

  • Have a study partner:

It often helps to study in groups. Teaching the concepts learned to your friends is a great exercise for your revision. If you can’t study with a partner, sit in front of the mirror and teach yourself. Repeating the same stuff over and over again to yourself in a simplified manner can also help enhance your recall of the subject.

  • Revise well:

Starting studies early will give you tons of time for revision. Proper spaced and repeated revision is very crucial to help boost your confidence as well as properly retain the information learned throughout the year. So make sure that you plan your revision schedule well and stick to it.

  • Stay focused:

When your goal is to ace a subject, you need complete focus and determination. Pay attention in class, dedicate a couple of hours daily to the subject and focus on strengthening your knowledge. You will be able to top in that subject undoubtedly. 

Class 7 Science exam is not a difficult one per se. If you have given the subject its complete due from the beginning itself, it should not be a tedious job to score perfect marks. Your focus in Class 7 should be on understanding the subject material rather than mugging up to get a good examination score. The knowledge you learn in Class 7 acts as the foundation of the Science you learn in the future. So approach the subject with the correct mindset and you will learn efficiently and consequently perform well in the examination.

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