Tips for Improving Website Ranking


Is your website not generating the traffic you hoped? Are you struggling with search engine rankings? Or maybe you’re completely unaware of your standings and how important it is?

No matter how you ended up here, you’re here to learn about improving your website ranking. Get a good SERP checker tool to monitor your rankings so that you know how it is performing.

We’re going to focus on how to improve your website through your content and Google Analytics.


Your content is one of the most influential things when it comes to website ranking. By ensuring your content follows SEO protocols, you are giving your site the best chances at having a higher website ranking. 

First, you need to ensure you are following SEO guidelines. You need to choose keywords and be sure they are used throughout your article. Be sure you use the keyword(s) enough that Google can find the article, but not so much that you repel readers by stuffing the keyword(s). 

Next, you need to use links wisely. Linking to yourself and other webpages helps improve your websites ranking. However, you need to be careful not to link to competitors or you may encourage customers or readers to use their services instead!

Finally, you must ensure your content is up-to-date. Check out your old content, or even low performing content, and reread to see what can be improved. Did you have poor SEO skills starting out? Rewrite the article and have the articles link one another. Are there some facts that have become inaccurate over time? Scratch it and fix the errors right there on the page. Keeping your content up-to-date will ensure readers returning to your website and therefore increasing your website ranking.

Google Analytics

Most importantly in the realm of Google Analytics is understanding Google Analytics. You need to understand the algorithm Google uses to rank websites and how you can use this information to help improve your website rankings. 

Then, you need to keep studying Google Analytics. John Mueller and Gary Illyes have even confirmed on Twitter, there are changes made daily, even when not announced. Making sure you are on top of these changes is a guarantee to keeping your website on top of Google.

One of the non-content influences in where you rank on Google’s algorithm is ensuring your website is mobile friendly. Having a mobile friendly website not only helps those browsing on the phone, but encourages Google to prioritize your website and push it towards the top of the result pages. 

Another major non-content related influence in your website’s ranking is loading speed. Having a super quick loading speed not only encourages Google to rank your website higher, but also encourages readers to stay on your website to read and engage with your content.

So what are the most important things in improving your website ranking? 

  • Content following SEO guidelines
  • Content kept up-to-date
  • Understanding Google Analytics
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Loading Speed

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