Three Points To Create Business Ideas By Combining Existing Ones

For developing new business ideas but seems it difficult, maybe a change of mind is one solution. Innovative business ideas aren’t created from scratch. Most of them are made by multiplying the elements that already exist.

In this article, I’ll show you one approach that will give your business ideas.

Ideas do not come from scratch:

Ideas do not suddenly come down from heaven one day. In his book, American businessman James W. Young defines “an idea is nothing more than a new combination of existing elements.

With that in mind, you don’t need a natural sense to come up with an idea. Anyone can approach it depending on the training.

Collect information on existing businesses

How can you connect an existing business to a new business idea?

It is to be aware of the challenges of existing businesses. Because business ideas exist to solve current challenges, if you don’t, you will not create your needs, and no one will support you; that is, your business will not sell.

First, collect information about what kind of business there is in the world. Without foundation for understanding existing businesses, we cannot proceed to consider issues.

For example, check the following sites every day. The first person should check all the business articles. As you look at it all the time, you will find out what field you are interested in. Once you know which area you are interested in, dig deeper into that area.

Think of a profitable business model

To develop a long-term business, you have to find profitable ideas. Just having an idea does not tell you whether sales will increase. Consider whether your business idea is a profitable business model.

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For example, as an index, I think it would be good to think from the perspective of the “Four Principles of Profitable Business” advocated by the owner Takafumi Horie. Mr Horie defines a business that falls under the following four categories as a profitable business.

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