Things You Must Know About Zorbing


Is it a game or a sport? Do we have a draw? A fad? Yes! Zorbing encompasses all of these aspects and more! Zorbing is a crazy, popular, exciting, and family-friendly sport and pastime. Here are some things you should know about zorbing.

Zorbing is a great way to have fun!

The previous summer, my wife and I took our children to the Body Bounce Activity Park in Newquay, located in Cornwall, United Kingdom. Body Zorbing is hands down our favorite thing to do here. To begin, a young member of the staff helped us by pushing and squeezing us into these enormous inflated balls. 

Because our legs were spread out, we were able to stand. While being jostled and tossed around, we clung to the inside harness for dear life. We were subjected to the occasional push or roll from a non-zorber. It didn’t feel threatening or wild. Just a little bit meaningless but a lot of fun!

Zorbing is possible on both land and water

Two distinct Zorbs types are dry and wet (or hydro zorb and harness zorb). When you are inside a wet zorb ball, you are completely submerged inside a bubble floating or moving on water.  That’s so interesting!

There are many types of zorb balls, such as the wonderful game of bubble soccer, in which each player is encapsulated in a bubble, and the Hurricane Ride at the West Edmonton Mall, which has been described as something that is somewhere between a waterfall and a roller coaster!

Zorbing is a sport that originated in New Zealand

Zorbing was invented in Rotorua, New Zealand, which is also the location of one of the world’s most magnificent sorbing tracks, which is extremely well-liked by both natives and visitors. On the other hand, Zorbing folklore states that the ball was originally designed in the United Kingdom.

Zorbing games

Climbing inside an inflatable ball and then rolling down a steep hill is one of the most basic yet popular ways to play games involving these balls. Yes, it sums up everything there is to know about it. 

You’d be astonished to learn how tremendously fun it truly is to roll downhill, too, which is something else you’d be surprised to find out.

Around the world, most specialty parks and “gravity parks” offer some downhill experience. You can always utilize a grass hill with a modest slope (remember, don’t do anything risky!). 

This is an option if you don’t have a gravity park in your immediate area. During the winter, most hills utilized for sledding should be safe for zorbing.

Zorb ball wrestling is another quite popular game. In this game, two “combatants” roll into each other, sometimes on a track, and seek to knock each other out of a particular area by ejecting them from the zorb ball. It’s kind of like sumo wrestling; only it’s done inside of hamster balls that people wear on their heads.

Zorb ball soccer is becoming increasingly popular as a lighthearted pastime and a sport that some people are beginning to pursue seriously. 

Final words

Zorb soccer, also known as “zorb ball football” on a global scale, requires participants to run and roll inside their inflated balls, sometimes with their feet either inside or outside the balls and also to move soccer balls across the playing field. Even the “Bubble Football World Cup” occurred in 2018. If you are interested then the Kameymall is available here to produce stuff you need.

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