Things To Know Before Buying A Wooden Almirah Small


Storage is the central aspect before investing in a piece of furniture. A cupboard or almirah is the primary furniture that puts away all the essentials into it and organizes the house’s entire space. Wooden wardrobes are the ideal ones to store bedding, toys, clothing, shoes, make-up items, etc. And a wooden wardrobe is the one that offers a luxurious look and solves all the storage problems. But some numerous requirements and needs have to be fulfilled by these wardrobes. Therefore, even if they are small in size, a good design and style with the ideal features to suit an individual’s needs is what makes them versatile.

Tips To Choose A Small Wooden Wardrobe

In order to make a house exclusively unique and beautiful a functional wardrobe irrespective of its size, there are specific guidelines to be followed. One can invest in his/her choice of wooden almirah after going through the below stated points. They are:

  • The standard depth of a cupboard is 45 centimetres.  This will offer sufficient space to accommodate all the essentials. And one can customize the wardrobes with deep shelves if the individual is keener on more storage space.
  • If the individual has more formal long attires, then he/she can opt for a hanging kind of wardrobe that has space for hangers to hold the clothes.
  • If the person has dresses that are primarily like tees, shorts, causals and jumpers, he/she can install half-height hanging rails. This is ideal for holding all these types of dresses. Therefore, depending on the person’s usage, the cupboard has to be accordingly designed or selected.
  • The drawers and compartments in the wardrobe are the most vital parts as nowadays closets provide shoe racks, jewellery boxes, etc. All these will help put away the things into them, giving a more appealing and decluttered living space.
  • Another quirky trick that one can extend the storage facility even in a small wooden wardrobe is by extending the cupboard’s height. This can accommodate all the things that are least accessible or occasionally used at home. Most people use this heightened storage facility to dump kinds of stuff into these upper portions.
  • Different types of wooden wardrobes of small size are available online with contemporary, rustic, boho, traditional, and modern styles.
  • There are so many options online, and one has to choose wisely so that it blends with the decors and the interiors of the home.
  • The practicality of purchasing a wooden wardrobe online is effortless as the delivery, assembly, and installation are also very quick and free of cost.

Types of Wooden Wardrobes

Besides knowing what to and what not to expect from wooden wardrobes, one has to necessarily understand the basic types that are widely available in the commercial market. They are:

1. Free-standing Wardrobes:

This is the traditional and the most common type of wardrobe that is easy to move around because it is designed to be light in weight. It is considered versatile because of its sufficient storage space. The regular ones like the tartan wardrobe online have a two-door and a three-door option. They have a hanging rod with an open shelf on its upper part. They are provided with drawers to place accessories and shoes. These drawers’ storage capacity also varies from one wardrobe to the other, but in general, they have ample space to accommodate all the things.

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2. Sliding Wardrobes:

This type of wardrobe eliminates the need to open the doors outwards and saves that space in the bedroom. These are ideal for tiny bedrooms that are usually not ready to compromise with a luxurious bed. This is a kind of sophisticated option to make the place look more modern and trendier. Almost all the latest wardrobe installations in today’s world are installing sliding doors only.

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3. Walk-in Wardrobes:

A walk-in wardrobe requires an extra room and cannot be instilled in a small space. These wardrobes can be used as a partition in a bathroom with sliding doors or creatively installed in various parts of the house, even as decors. These offer the ultimate luxury when it comes to storage and also have fitting shelves and hanging space. It is a boon for people who are into fashion as they will have a variety of clothes and accessories with them, and these wardrobes can accommodate all of them.

4. Wall Mounted:

These wardrobes are very different from the free-standing ones and occupy significantly less space. It comes in various shapes and looks elegant in all sizes, irrespective of its functionality.

Diverse Patterns Of Tartan Wardrobe Online

The patterns involved in the tartan wardrobe create a massive difference in the room’s entire outlook. They are:

  1. Double shaded: Instead of using just one colour, two shades of Columbian walnut are made use to create a very eye-catching and contrasting look. It offers a very classy look to the wooden almirah and is a very preferred shade of brown colour.
  2. Compact: These cupboards are ideal for apartment use and primarily it is manufactured with small handles and a compact blunt cabinet with no protrusions to fit along with the available space in any home. It is approximately 71.5 inches x 31.5 inches x 18.6 inches and quickly moved from one place to another.
  • Mirrored: These wardrobes have a full-length mirror in one of their doors, making the bedroom look large. One can customize these wardrobes to 3 doors too, and that will create a panache.

Final Thoughts

A Wakefit wardrobe is a necessary piece of furniture in every house next to the bed. With the above tips, an individual can get an amount of comprehensive knowledge about the right wooden almirah small for his/her home. To create a stunning look for one’s home is in his/her own hands; everything is in a reachable place with suitable sites to offer the best customer service. Therefore, all that a person needs to know is the type of wooden wardrobe that will accentuate his house’s look and vividly serve the purpose of storage and use the above factors as the basic guidelines to purchase.

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