The Top Trending Office Designs and Styles for 2021


An office doesn’t have to be a place that is drab and boring. As years go by, many office environments are changing to be more welcoming and pleasing to spend time in. While we move farther into 2021, it’s become clear which styles and trends are leading the pack. If you’re creating a new office or looking to change the design of a current one, there are lots of options. Take advantage of the latest trends to ensure your office is a place that everyone wants to visit.

Popular Colors for 2021

A decade or two back, most offices were fairly neutral in terms of colors. You’d walk into a space and see a lot of white, gray, and black. Times have changed. Now offices incorporate a lot more color from bright and intense hues to more muted shades. Some of the most popular colors include:

  • The full spectrum of blues from light to dark and everything in between
  • Yellows that range from lemon to honey and beyond
  • Neutral accent colors like beige, gray, and brown
  • Colors that blend the best of both gray and green

Choosing a single basic shade and then adding more interesting colors with wall colors or furniture is popular right now. Since popular colors and designs change regularly, this makes it easier to build a “canvas” that can be updated as often as you like so your office stands out.

Interiors with a Residential Feel

Rather than having an office with neutral colors, cold lighting, and other features that make a space feel absent of life, there is an alternative. Many offices are choosing to create spaces that feel much more residential than commercial. This might consist of adding accent colors, including lots of natural light, and incorporating pleasing materials that you could find at home.  interior design Melbourne

Having a space that workers want to spend time in is important and can impact team mood and productivity. Plants, sentimental belongings, and artwork can go a long way toward creating this type of style.

A Dose of Individuality for Modern Flair

Instead of creating a block of office cubicles that have the same colors, identical furniture, and cookie-cutter décor, offices are incorporating more individuality. Adding personal meaning to an office makes it more exciting to spend time there for all employees and visitors. A few of the items that can really work with this idea are letters, awards, graphs related to company development, notable historical items, and more.

Not only does this make the space more interesting, but it also lets you advertise who you are and what you do. It makes workers feel more connected with the business and can increase productivity.

Proof of Environmental Friendliness

Natural materials, colors, and forms are in for 2021. These things add coziness to a space and can show that a brand cares about the environment. Consider wooden furniture and other items made of natural materials. Glass, linen, cotton, and matting are popular choices. With more people than ever interested in the environment, you can use that to create an office that is motivating and fashionable to spend time in.

There are lots of options to create the right office for yourself and your employees. It’s a matter of deciding your priorities and leaning into them. Need help? Get in touch with Aspect Interiors to learn more about how you can revolutionize your office.

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