The most beautiful casinos in the world


Modern prestigious casinos in the world are respectable establishments that combine luxury and special style. The huge complexes are a real work of art, and each new building is always bigger, better, and more beautiful than the previous ones. A special atmosphere reigns here, each visitor can enjoy slot machines, roulette, card, and many other games in a comfortable environment. All casino buildings are made in a unique architectural style and have a stunning design. Many of them deserve attention but consider the most beautiful and vibrant complexes that will never lose their chic. Not everyone can afford to visit such a luxurious gambling club. But we will tell you about each of them, and the thirst for excitement can be fully quenched in the online Parimatch casino.


A huge complex that includes a casino and a hotel. The institution opened in 1998 and is located in the heart of Vegas. This is the most expensive gambling establishment in Sin City. In front of the entrance to the hotel and entertainment complex, there is a world-famous fountain, which was filmed in many films, in particular, in Ocean’s 11. Here you can see stunning spectacles using lasers and music every day. The luxurious halls have 200 tables, poker rooms, roulette, and other entertainment.


One of the oldest and most beautiful casinos is located in a German spa town. The gambling house was built in 1809. There are 24 tables and more than 100 slot machines in the gaming halls. The magnificent decoration of the halls is striking. This is where monarchs come to compete for silver chips.

Casino de Monte Carlo

The gambling house is located in Monaco, it is impressive even before entering the building. The marble façade, columns in the ancient Roman style cannot but attract attention. A special elite atmosphere reigns here, the rich decoration of both ordinary and VIP rooms amazes. Despite the luxury, the casino occupies a small area and can accommodate only 35 gaming tables.

Venetian Macao

This is a unique casino-Venice, a built in 2007 in Macau. On the territory of the hotel and entertainment complex, there are water channels, along which gondolas float. The rooms are decorated in a luxurious Venetian style. Visitors are offered 800 gaming tables, 3500 slot machines.

Crown Casino

The largest complex in Australia and worldwide. It is located in the center of Melbourne and covers the same area as two city blocks. The halls have 350 tables and 2500 machines. Each room is a work of art. The institution is also famous for the fact that it was here that the first electronic roulette appeared.

Marina Bay Sands

The institution, which is impressive in terms of cost and scale, is located in Singapore. The hotel and entertainment complex was named in honor of the bay near which it is located. The building consists of three 200-meter towers, 55 floors each. The Spiers are united by an infinity pool, open to visitors. One of the towers houses gambling halls with 600 tables and 2000 slot machines. The institution is very popular and receives up to 25 thousand visitors daily.

Atlantis Resort

The fashionable and one of the most expensive hotel and entertainment complexes is located in the Bahamas. The halls have 980 tables and 78 slot machines. A feature of the building is the large panoramic windows overlooking the spa area. The hotel offers luxurious rooms. Many famous people have been here.

These are not all elite gambling establishments. There are many more establishments offering visitors comfort, luxury, and excitement.

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