The interesting Eddie Hemmings


There are some players who have a breakthrough into international cricket quite late in their careers. To wager on great matches between national sides, it is possible to go to the website, which is full of events of this kind.

An example of this is former cricket player Eddie Hemmings. He played the sport at a professional level between 1969 and 1991. He spent that time in teams like:

  • Nottinghamshire;
  • Warwickshire;
  • and the English national cricket team.

It is quite noteworthy that Hemmings’ chances at the national team came after some controversial things made by other English players. But of course, this doesn’t mean that he wasn’t a talented player. Quite the contrary. These high-quality cricketers are featured at 1xBet, and punters can visit this website in order to wager on these players.

Multiple spinners

As said before, Eddie Hemmings was quite a talented spin bowler. However, he played the game at a time when England was full of players of this kind. In the 1970s, the English national squad normally selected one spinner for each match. Some names that came and went were Geoff Miller, Tony Greig and John Emburey. Before other great spinners start their performances, it is possible to use the casino game online 1xBet, which is full of rewards that players can take advantage of.

After the multiple problems that all those individuals had with the national team, the possibilities started to open for Hemmings and for others. For this reason, he and Vic Marks were selected for their first Test matches ever. This is quite remarkable, since it was quite rare for the English side to select two spinners for the same set of matches. The 1xBet website has plenty of online casino games, and they can be used while waiting for the matches of the English team.

Good performances

Hemmings had his Test debut when he was already 33 years old. This is a relatively late age for starting to play this form of international cricket. However, as they say, better late than never. In fact, his age didn’t prevent him from doing some interesting things in the field. Punters can go and grab the 1x betting app download apk for their Android gadgets and use it to wager on various cricket matches.

During his first series of cricket matches against Australia he had a score of 95. This is even more remarkable considering that he was selected as a nightwatchman in those contests. If that wouldn’t be impressive enough, he also took six wickets, which is another great number. For this reason, downloading the 1x betting apk for Android to set up the app can be quite useful, as plenty of cricket games are featured there.

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