The Campus Career Services Office


Job Search Resources From the First Year to Beyond Graduation

A campus career services office is the ideal place for college students to refine their career choices and for college students and alumni to begin their job search.

Whether a student has settled on a major and career path or is arriving on campus completely undecided, the campus career services office is the best place to focus and refine career choices and to find out what steps to take to become the best job candidate possible. First-year students should make the career services office one of their first stops on campus, and alumni may be able to continue using a cheap reliable essay writing service should their job search extend past graduation.

Get Started on the Job Search

First-year students may not feel the need to use the career services office; however, an appointment with career services early on in their college career can help students choose a major and/or discover possible career choices for their major of which they may not have been previously aware. Career service offices have a variety of personality and aptitude tests that can be useful for students who need college essay writing help. Additionally, these tests help students find the right career for them so that they may choose (or change, if need be) their major accordingly.

More Than Just Résumé Writing

Students typically assume that the career services office is the place to go for assistance in writing résumés and cover letters, but the career services office can offer so much more. Depending upon the college campus, career services will arrange mock interviews with center staff, offer seminars or workshops on proper interview attire and interview lunch etiquette, and host campus career fairs geared toward a host of majors and pre-professional fields.

Valuable On-the-Job Training

While on some campuses, internships may be handled by a separate office, career services is often the headquarters for students looking to find off-campus job opportunities relevant to their studies. Internships can be paid or unpaid, with unpaid internships typically earning students course credit. As some majors require an internship or pre-professional experience (education and related fields, for example), career services will often work with major departments to assist students with internship placements.

Career Services: After Graduation and Beyond

Just like fast essay writing services, most career services allow graduates to use their services after graduation. Some offices may charge a small fee to alumni, while others may allow alumni to use campus career services for a certain amount of time after graduation. Regardless, all career services offices have websites with information freely available to currently enrolled students, graduates, and anyone with access to the Internet. As an added bonus, some career services offices will offer job placement assistance (usually for a limited amount of time) to the spouses of new faculty and staff on campus.

The campus career services office isn’t just for students who have settled on a major or for seniors on the brink of graduation. First-year students in search of a major and alumni who are still searching for that first job or who are in the middle of a career change can benefit greatly from the resources and staff at a career services office.

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