The Best Ways To Wear A Pocket Watch: Tips For Stylish Men


A wedding is one of the most common events that has men reaching for a pocket watch. Pocket watches bring an instant touch of class to a formal ensemble, making them a great way to take your wedding look to the next level. Whether you’re the groom, a groomsman or simply a dapper guest, a pocket watch for a wedding guarantees to make an impression.

The history of the pocket watch

The pocket watch has been around for centuries and was a status symbol for nobility and the wealthy during the Middle Ages. In the 15th century, pocket watches were carried by men in red livery (the same color as a person’s outfit) and showed that the bearer was a noble.  During the Renaissance, rulers also wore pocket watches to indicate that they were close to the king or were part of his inner circle.  The pocket watch is a simple piece of jewellery, and a watchmaker will use high quality metal and mechanics in their making.  The watch industry came into its own during the Industrial Revolution as mechanical movements became more affordable and commonplace, and metal was more easily mass-produced.

Why you should wear a pocket watch

  1. It’s elegant and sophisticated While there are many advantages to owning a pocket watch, the most important is that it’s stylish. A pocket watch adds sophistication to any ensemble, especially if you’re wearing it in conjunction with traditional wedding attire. This doesn’t have to be the case of a Rolex, either. A solid-gold pocket watch is a classic and a perfect option for a wedding. Whatever you choose, remember to pair it with a pair of classic trousers, a dark jacket and a vest. Wearing a gold watch is one of the oldest ways to ensure your ensemble will be a memorable look for the day.  2. It’s subtle but stylish  There are many ways to wear a pocket watch without drawing any attention. However, this subtlety doesn’t mean it’s a statement piece.Visit Here: wcowlnews

Different types of pocket watches

All pocket watches fall into one of three general categories: pocket watches, pocket watches bracelet, or pocket watches chain. While pocket watches have a common design, the methods of winding and using them vary. Therefore, it is essential that you learn the different options and use them to your advantage. Here are a few tips to help you navigate this important aspect of men’s fashion.  Men’s Pocket Watches  A pocket watch can be thought of as an accessory worn to the wrist. It is not a true timepiece that can be used as a clock, and should never be relied on to work as such. Such watches usually work by a clock movement wound by a tiny wheel that spins clockwise to tell the correct time. A solid-state quartz watch can work in the same way.

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How to tie your tie with a pocket watch

To be completely authentic, a pocket watch has to be worn as an accessory and not as an adornment. So to wear a pocket watch correctly, follow these tips:  First, pin the watch, making sure to take out any vital parts, like the hands. Then, pin the watch to your dress shirt using the lapel pin.  Sling your tie so that it ends around your belt loop. Then, roll the tie up to the left over the button of your tie. Finish it off with a double snap to secure the tie to your button.  If you want to add flair to your watch, you can add a colored or striped pocket watch chain.  Now that you know how to wear a pocket watch, check out these other ways to wear a pocket watch when you want to break out of your traditional wedding tradition.

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Best style for men’s dress shirt with a pocket watch

Pick a classic cut for your dress shirt.  Wear it open at the collar, with the ends rolled up to meet at the top of the pocket.  Wear it with a traditional wingtip black dress shoe, such as wingtips, oxfords, loafers or brogues.  Wear it with dress trousers, slacks or jeans.  Wear it with chinos or jeans.  Wear it with lightweight denim, linen or cotton chinos.  Wear it with denim shorts.  Wear it with tailored jeans.  Wear it with formal military pants or slacks.  Be the first person in the room to accessorize with a pocket watch. You will instantly feel great.  Walk a fine line with the dress shirt and pocket watch.  A pocket watch could very well be a first or second accessory after a tie. For this reason, be cautious when pairing the two together.

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There’s no doubt that a pocket watch is a great way to add a touch of class to any attire. Chances are, you have at least one already. It’s just a matter of finding the right outfit that will showcase your style and accentuate your watch.  Do you have some ideas of where to go to get a good watch?  Pin This!  Share This:  The Best Ways To Wear A Pocket Watch: Tips For Stylish Men was originally published on  Also On 100.3:  Listen To The Pregame Show: October 14, 2018  DJs Play All The Best Hip Hop You Didn’t Hear On The Airwaves this Weekend was originally published on  Also On 100.3:  Listen To The Pregame Show: October 14, 2018  DJs Play All The Best Hip Hop You Didn’t Hear On The Airwaves this Weekend was originally published on  Also On 100.

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