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C is one of the important, oldest, and flexible programming languages. Like the several programming languages that everyone can learn, knowledge of programming enables the programmers to communicate with computers with their machine language.

It allows programmers to develop portable and firmware apps. C language contains the features of low-level to high-level language.

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An American scientist of computer, Dennis M. Ritchie discovered C programming in 1972.

C++ is an improved version of the C programming; it is the same as the C language but has more tools. Because C is a form of C++, it is critical for developers. C and C++, have similar code structures and syntax.

This is time to talk about some software for the C programming language. And also a custom software agency in Australia can help you with your software development.

Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio is a powerful, cross-platform development environment that works on Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X.

If you are using Windows, Visual Studio can be a simple way for you. Besides that it’s free, you can easily install it and once it’s done, you are ready to use it. In a developer’s environment, it is the most popular tool.

Visual Studio has more than enough power to get you through this lesson. If you afterward decide that you need to use C11’s functionality, you can switch to another IDE. This IDE is highly configurable, allowing programmers to alter the theme, keyword shortcuts and settings.

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It supports languages such as CSS, C, C++, C#, Go, JavaScript, HTML, Java, Python, Typescript, PHP and so on.

Key Benefits:

Syntax highlighting

Complete code completion, snippets, and code refactoring

Support for Debugging

Completely portable

Easy customization

EmbeddedGit Control

Dev C++

Dev C++ is one of the IDEs that you can start easily. One of the disadvantages of using Dev C++ is that you can only use it on Windows OS and it doesn’t support other platforms like Mac OS or Linux.

It comes with plenty of good features such as profiling support, class browser, code completion, function listing, templates for making your special project types, and so on.

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Dev C++ supports C and C++ programming.

Key Benefits:

Integrated Debugging

Support GCC based compilers

CVS Support

Tool Manager

Project Manager

Code Completion

Syntax highlighting

Editable Shortcuts


Code::Blocks is one of the great choices for C# interview questions and answers. It has a handy debugger and clean look and it’s a fast and open-source programming language. This is available for different software.

It provides all these useful features required for C and C++ development like code coverage, easy navigation, debugging support, syntax highlighting, code completion, etc. It also allows you to enlist full breakpoint conditions, which means that if the condition is true, the code execution will be terminated.

Most significantly, you may extend its functionality by utilizing plugins that users produce. Some of the plugins are included in the Code::Blocks release, but many are not, as they were written by individual users who are not part of the Code::Block development team.

It supports C, C++, Fortran programming languages.

Key Benefits:

Smart Code Completion

Compatible with Linux, Mac, and Windows

Integrated intelligent Syntax highlighting

Easy Navigation

Rich Community

Full-featured debugger


Eclipse is a powerful, and helpful IDEs for C and C++ development. It is an accessible program. That is basic and straightforward to use. It was originally designed for the Java programming language, but it is currently used for a variety of languages. Eclipse is compatible with Linux, Mac OS, and Windows. If you find a defect in the Eclipse IDE or Compiler, you may report it on their site.

You may utilize auto-completion of coding, code refactoring, graphical debugging tools, remote system exploration, and many other capabilities to create C/C++ applications.

You may also enhance the capabilities of Eclipse IDE by adding numerous additional plugins to meet your specific needs. If you already have an Eclipse environment, you can choose to add a CDT (C/C++ Development Tool) to it, or if you don’t have one, you can install Eclipse CDT directly by downloading the Eclipse CDT package.

Because of its improved GUI and easy-to-use capabilities, the IDE is highly suggested for beginning to intermediate level C/C++ writers.

Eclipse supports programming such as C, C++, C#, Java, JavaScript, COBOL, Perl, PHP, Python, etc.

Key Benefits:

Smart code completion

Excellent graphical UI with drag-and-drop capabilities

Rich Community

Productivity Boosters

Cross-platform compatibility

Backup static code analysis

Git integration


NetBeans, one of the most frequently used IDEs created by the Apache Software Foundation – Oracle Corporation, is also a popular IDE among C/C++ developers. Open-source Integrated Development Environment for C and C++ applications.

C/C++ developers will benefit from NetBeans’ code restructuring, bracket matching, automated indentation, and unit testing, among other capabilities. Additional features include support for different compilers, such as Oracle Solaris Studio, GNU, CLang/LLVM, Cygwin, and MinGW, among others.

Another feature of NetBeans is the ability to navigate files more easily.

NetBeans, like Eclipse, has improved drag and drop functionality, which is why it is highly recommended for students and novice C/C++ developers.

Java, HTML, HTML 5, C, C++ and others are the programming that NetBean supports.

Key Benefits:

A large number of plugins are available

Cross-platform support

Smart code editing

Efficient and easy project management

Supports multiple programming languages

Large support forum


Incorporated Development Environment for C/C++ programmers that is cross-platform and built on open source technologies. Through plugins, the IDE now supports PHP, Python, Ruby, etc.

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In addition to C/C++. In addition to syntax highlighting, automated code indentation, and code completion, KDevelop offers fast code navigation, full documentation, and more. There are numerous common version control systems that it interfaces with including Git, CVS, and Mercurial.

Extra features of KDevelop include rainbow-colored variable highlighting, strong find and replace functionality, shortcuts for each operation in the IDE, and support for external scripts, among others.

Key Benefits:

Advanced editor

Licensed under GNU GPL

Code highlighting & rainbow highlighting


Version control systems

Supports C/C++, Python, QML, JavaScript & PHP


Semantic code analysis

Free of charge

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Last Words

In companies the first thing that you as a manager should think about is your goals; you need to know about your target audiences. Then, you decide how to take your business online. At last, you need to focus on the best software for your programming languages.

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