The Advantages of Man-Made Diamonds


The growing of diamonds has completely transformed the diamond industry. Shiels Diamonds is proud to offer the best man-made diamonds in Australia. Lab grown diamonds Brisbane are conflict-free, ethical, and less harmful to the environment. In addition, they are perfect for engagement rings. This article will discuss the advantages of lab-grown diamonds, how they are produced, and where to purchase them in Brisbane. After reading this article, you should have a better understanding of lab-grown diamonds.

Laboratory grown diamonds

For those looking for a unique diamond that has been grown in a laboratory, lab grown diamonds are the answer. These stones can come in any colour and shape, and can be set into a variety of different types of jewellery. Unlike natural diamonds, lab grown diamonds are far more affordable than their natural counterparts, making them an ideal option for many consumers. But are they really worth it? Read on to learn more about these stones and their advantages.

Natural diamonds were formed billions of years ago, when intense heat and pressure forced carbon atoms to solidify into diamonds. Eventually, these diamonds were carried to the surface by bubbling magmas. However, the mining process has taken a toll on the environment and has been environmentally destructive. Some people believe that lab grown diamonds are the answer to this problem. In Australia, demand for lab grown diamonds has continued to rise.

Cost of lab grown diamonds

If you’re looking for a beautiful diamond ring but aren’t sure how much to spend, you may want to consider buying a lab-grown diamond instead. These stones are grown in a laboratory and are exact replicas of diamonds. They’re also far more affordable than natural diamonds and look as good as the real thing. If you’re in Brisbane, there are several places you can purchase a lab-grown stone.

In addition to being much cheaper than natural diamonds, lab grown diamonds UK are also eco-friendly, ethical, and a great alternative for those on a budget. One of the largest lab-grown diamond retailers in Brisbane is EverettBrookes Jewellers, which carries the diamonds at the lowest prices possible. Moreover, lab-grown diamonds use less energy than their natural counterparts.

Places to buy lab grown diamonds in Brisbane

Diamond Brokers Queensland is one of the few businesses in Brisbane that sell lab grown diamonds. This Brisbane-based store recognized that the lab-grown diamonds are a more affordable alternative to natural diamonds. Since then, the number of lab-grown diamonds in their stores has increased from a few to nearly 30% of all store diamond sales. In fact, the company has partnered with several lab-grown diamond producers.

Kavalri specialises in lab-grown diamonds and hand-crafted bespoke jewellery. They have showrooms in Brisbane and Melbourne and welcome clients to try on and view their pieces. Kavalri’s bespoke engagement rings, for example, take between three to four weeks to make. The perfect date night outfit! Make an appointment at Kavalri today! And don’t forget to visit their online store!

Jewellers that sell lab grown diamonds

The first jewellery store to offer lab-grown diamonds in Brisbane was Diamond Brokers Queensland. They had noticed that consumers were starting to prefer these stones over naturally-sourced diamonds. Lab-grown diamonds also cost less than natural ones, so they have become increasingly popular. Since then, the sale of these stones has increased from a few stones to almost three fifths of all diamond sales in Brisbane jewellery stores.


There are many jewellery stores offering lab-grown diamonds in Brisbane, and you can find a great range of designs at one of them. One such shop is Kavalri, which specialises in diamonds and offers bespoke pieces. If you are looking for a traditional Brisbane jewellery store, you can visit Hardy Brothers or KAVALRI. In Brisbane, KAVALRI also offers diamond rings crafted by highly skilled jewellers. The showroom has an extensive range of engagement rings and is an excellent place to shop for a custom-made piece of jewellery.

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