Stand Up Pouches Vs Lay Flat Pouches: How To Choose Which For Your Brand


When looking for the ideal packaging for your product, you will have to make several important choices. In the end, it comes down to what is the best receptacle for the item you are selling to your customers. Both stand-up pouches and lay flat pouches provide many valuable benefits. However, you might find that one has features that make it more suitable for your company when looking for quality sustainable pouches. 

Both of these flexible packaging options have many similar features. For a small to medium-sized company, they offer custom packaging that can be created quickly and inexpensively: finished pouches take about 15 days from quote to shipping. Other features include the following:

  • High vapor barriers for freshness
  • Photo-quality print technology
  • Environmentally friendly materials
  • Tear notches and hang holes
  • Zippers and press to close options
  • Tear resistant and puncture-resistant materials

Due to the quick nature of the production, both lay flat and stand-up pouches are good for limited edition or promotional runs. They allow a smaller company to match the packaging quality of a larger business, thus leveling the playing field.

Differences Between Stand Up & Lay Flat Pouches

The most obvious difference between these two packaging options is that custom printed stand up pouches have a bottom that allows them to stand upright on their own. This can help limit the possibility of spills for snack foods, cosmetics, coffee and lawn products. It also makes the pouches ideal for smaller materials such as liquids and powders. This form of packaging allows for a different type of presentation in the store or on your website. You can select from several pouch bottoms or gusset options.

Lay flat pouches or pillow pouches lay flat on the shelf and in the home of the consumer. They provide a different level of convenience for the customer and they save space throughout the shipping and storage process. These pouches with their many features are an excellent option for snacks, processed meats such as jerky and supplements. Depending upon the size of your product, you can order the standard size pouches or work with a design team to produce custom sizes just right for your product. F95zone gaming site.

Which Is More Cost Effective?

Both types of packaging offer solid value for your company. Custom printed mylar bags have the strength and durability to save your company money by locking in freshness and extending the shelf life of your product. They provide a premium look and feel to the packaging, making them look appealing in the store.

The final cost will depend upon the features you choose for your packaging. Everything from the finish options to the print substrates to design features has a bearing on the ultimate price. Rest assured, though, that digitally-based flexible packaging saves your company money in many ways, from low print orders to no plate or set-up fees. You also get enhanced nimbleness in a variety of ways, such as allowing print orders to run multiple SKUs on a single digital file. Find out more about flexible packaging today with a free quote.

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