Some Of The Most Expensive Watches


Wearing watches is simultaneously a sign of decency, smartness and nobility. Various fashionable and expensive watches are helpful for external beautification. Fashion Concentration Every person, young and old, everyone uses watches. Both boys and girls enjoy reading watches. We will try to tell you about some of the watches that elite people can only wear, and they are among the top watches available in the world in terms of price. The watches are made using the latest technology and have some features that set them apart from other watches.

GRAFF DIAMONDS Hallucination:

GRAFF DIAMONDS Hallucination is a luxury watch that uses 110-carat diamonds to make and has been developed in many colour combinations. The watch has a current market value of 55 million. No one but the elite dares to buy Hallucination brand watches. This luxury brand watch is decorated in the hands of this luxurious class of people.

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GRAFF DIAMONDS is a luxury brand that can be split in two from the centre, and its centre is decorated with 34.14-carat diamonds where 152.98-carat diamonds have been used to make the whole watch. The world’s second most expensive watch had the cost of 40 million to make.


BREGUET NO. 160 The 3rd most expensive watch in the world, and it cost 30 million to make. Marie Antoinette ordered and purchased the watch for her lover before it was made, but the watch was unfortunately stolen in 1973, and a similar watch was later made and preserved in the L. A. Mayer Museum.


CHOPARD is the 4th most expensive luxury watch globally; 201-carat diamonds have been used to make it and various. Sixty-four diamonds have been used at the edges. The shape of the watch’s centre is very attractive, which is similar to the heart’s shape, and the combination of three colours makes it more attractive. You will have to spend 25 million to buy this CHOPARD brand watch.

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