Simplifying the death certificate process to spend less time in the office filling out paperwork


With the current generation moving to the internet for all documentation and registration processes, it only made sense that the Government make changes to the death certificate process if they were planning on improving it and making it a lot more convenient for people to register. All deaths have to be mandatorily registered within 21 days from the time of the incident, which means that close family or relatives have to get this done to allow them to later apply for a death certificate and use it when they deal with paperwork involving the deceased individual.

Other than adding the process to the internet, other changes were taken care of too, including making changes to the death certificate if there were errors or typos when they dispatched it. Additionally, applicants could use the website if they needed copies of the death certificate since the information would already be online, and they could download it.

The death certificate website does not handle any of the processes itself but works as a middle man, coordinating them with the Registrar of births and deaths so that the applicant does not have to do all the running around. They only have to provide information about the process, according to questions, and the rest is online. The website has a list of all various forms needed for multiple processes relating to getting a death certificate. The website fills forms according to given information by the applicant on their behalf. Similarly applicant can also apply for other documents they need like birth certificate, senior citizen card, shramik card, marriage certificate and many more.

What are the documents needed to register the death of an individual?

When registering a death, the person assisting with the process has to provide some information about why they are handling that specific roll. They have to show how they are connected to the deceased. Additionally, they have to provide:

Proof of birth of the deceased. In many cases, they have to provide proof of their identity as well. The document provided has to be a Government approved one and should have the full name of the person, along with their permanent address.

  • A declaration stating the time and date of death
  • The necessary payment in the form of court filing fee stamps
  • A duplicate ration card

The person who is applying for a death certificate is required to provide the evidence of relationship with the deceased, complete address and proof of nationality.

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