Shower Enclosures in Architecture


Shower screen is a component that divides the bathroom to separate the wet and dry areas properly and hygienically. When the space is divided by a frameless shower screen, then inside the bathroom the area is divided into two main parts:

– Wet area (for bathing)

– Dry area (for personal activities)

In addition, the shower screen is a perfect addition to an ordinary bathroom. This allows the bathroom interior to look beautiful in proportion increase convenience and increase the safety of use it can be seen that residential buildings such as hotels, houses, or condos often use shower screens to separate wet and dry areas by allocating limited space of the bathroom for maximum utility. The advantages of using a shower screen to divide the space in the bathroom are as follows: 

– Increase security reduces the risk of accidents from slipping in the bathroom

– Serves to divide the wet area and dry to a hygienic proportion so it’s easy to clean.

– Gives a beautiful, modern look to help ordinary bathrooms look more usable

Frameless Glass Shower screen Enclosures

This type of shower screen It has been very popular in the interior design of modern architecture (Interior Design) because of its sleek, modern look. Feels less but beautiful With the highlight of the sliding partition that has no joints other than glass or translucent materials to obscure the eyes. This makes the bathroom look spacious and airy. It also provides durability. can be cleaned easily and can be made to order or installed according to the desired design style Therefore, shower screens with open doors are expensive, ranging from tens of thousands and up. The materials that are commonly used for making partitions are as follows:

– Acrylic sheet, transparent or translucent (Acrylic)

Clear acrylic material it is a flexible material and is lighter compared to glass the price will be cheaper than glass as well. The thickness that is suitable for making partitions is approximately 6 mm. Advantages of Acrylic besides the price is cheaper than glass. In the short term, it is easier to care for than glass, but in the long term, it will fade or stain more easily than glass.

– Tempered Glass

Tempered safety glass is glass that is obtained from the process of bringing normal glass through the heat treatment process at about 650 degrees Celsius and then blown by high-pressure air to cool immediately. To make the glass 3-5 times stronger than before, resistant to temperature changes and more secure In the event that the tempered glass breaks will break into pellets like corn kernels which is

Not very sharp making it less likely to cause harm than ordinary glass Suitable for applications where there is a risk of cracking and want safety caused by broken glass (Safety Design)

– Laminated Glass

Laminated glass is the use of tempered safety glass or ordinary glass (Annealed Glass / Floated Glass) from 2 pieces or more to be “laminated” to make layers by sandwiching between the glass sheets with film. PVB (Poly Vinyl Butyric) or EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) is intended for applications requiring greater strength. And respond to use in a higher safety than other types of glass but for use in the bathroom, it is necessary to change the film layer between the freckles from PVB film to Sentry Glass film, which is a film with special properties than PVB film in terms of durability and protection against moisture from water. More info for Visit here ytmp3

Shower Enclosures Frame

Sliding shower screen with frame the materials can be used to make all kinds of doors in the same way as shower screens clear acrylic sheet tempered safety glass and laminated glass but there will be a difference in the frame of the frame. And there is a wheel device for scrolling on-off added. The materials that are commonly used to make frame frames are as follows:

“Helpful instructions for use”

Annealed Glass should not be used to make a simple partition, because in the event that the glass is broken, the glass fragment will be sharp which will be dangerous to users for safety use a material that is a clear acrylic sheet or tempered safety glass (When broken, it will be small corn kernels. thus greatly reducing the danger) But if the partition has a height of more than 2.50 meters and is wider than usual (Over Space), it should be laminated glass because when the glass is broken Glass shards will remain attached to each other without falling off. Because there is a film layer that adheres between the glasses sheets like a spider web.  But for use in the bathroom, it is necessary to change the film layer between the freckles from PVB film to Sentry Glass film, which is a film that has special properties than PVB film in terms of durability and protection against moisture from water In addition, Sentry Glass film also prevents the problem of cracked laminated glass separation when exposed to moisture.

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