Shop Fittings and Showcases: A Guide to Design and Placement


Shop fittings and showcases are essential elements of retail design that can significantly impact the overall look and feel of a store. They not only provide a functional purpose but also add to the aesthetics of the store. A well-designed shop fitting and showcase can help attract customers and encourage them to make purchases. In this guide, we will explore the different types of shop fittings and showcases available, as well as provide tips on their design and placement.

Shop Fittings

Shop fittings refer to the various elements that make up the interior design of a store. They include shelves, display cases, racks, and other fixtures that hold and present merchandise. Shop fittings serve several purposes, including organizing and displaying products, creating a comfortable shopping experience, and enhancing the overall visual appeal of the store. Let’s take a closer look at some of the different types of shop fittings.

Racks and Hangers

Racks and hangers are used to display clothing and other soft goods. They come in a variety of styles, including round racks, two-way racks, four-way racks, and wall-mounted racks. Hangers are also available in different styles and materials, including plastic, metal, and wood.

Shelves and Display Cases

Shelves and display cases are the most common types of shop fittings. They are used to organize and display merchandise in a way that makes it easy for customers to browse and find what they are looking for. Shelves come in many different styles, including wall-mounted, freestanding, and slatwall-mounted. Display cases are typically used to showcase products that require extra protection, such as jewelry, electronics, and other high-value items or some cases like cigarette display case.

Mannequins and Forms

Mannequins and forms are used to display clothing and other wearable items. They provide a way to show customers how products look when worn and help customers visualize how an outfit might look on them. Mannequins come in many different styles and materials, including full-body, partial-body, and headless models.


Showcases from PenboDisplay are a type of shop fitting used to display high-value items, such as jewelry, watches, and electronics. They are typically made of glass or acrylic and come in a variety of styles, including countertop jewelry showcase, freestanding showcases, and wall-mounted showcases.

Placement of Shop Fittings and Showcases

The placement of shop fittings and showcases is just as important as their design. Proper placement can help improve the overall shopping experience and increase sales. Here are some tips for the placement of shop fittings and showcases.

Make Use of the Space

When planning the placement of shop fittings and showcases, consider the available space and the types of products you sell. Ensure that there is enough space between displays for customers to move around freely and that products are not overcrowded. A cluttered store can be overwhelming and deter customers from making purchases.

Create a Focal Point

Creating a focal point is an effective way to draw customers’ attention to a particular area or product. This could be a display of new arrivals, a high-value item, or a seasonal promotion. Use lighting and signage to make the focal point stand out and attract customers.

Consider Traffic Flow

The placement of shop fittings and showcases should also consider the flow of customer traffic. Place displays in areas where customers are likely to walk, such as near the entrance or by the checkout. This will help increase the visibility of products and encourage impulse purchases.

Balance Function and Aesthetics

When designing shop fittings and showcases, it’s important to balance function and aesthetics. The design should be visually appealing, but also practical and functional. Consider the types of products you sell and design the fittings and showcases to meet their specific needs.


In conclusion, shop fittings and showcases play a crucial role in the success of your retail store. They can help you showcase your products in the best possible way, attract customers, and create a unique shopping experience. When designing and placing your shop fittings and showcases, it is important to consider the layout of your store, the type of products you sell, and the needs of your customers. By following these tips, you can create a functional and visually appealing retail space that meets the needs of your customers and drives sales.

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