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Among over 300 countries in the world there are some states that still close for tourists. Saudi Arabia is one of this countries. Only few migrants crossed the bourders of this country. But now the situation completely changed. Saudi Arabia will fastly develop the situation with a tourism with a program Saudi Vision 2030. Here is short essay about this state.

Saudi Arabia is an islamic state which is srrounded by other islamic countries. This country is also rich due to oil accumulations but not so popular in tourist sphere as United Arab Emirates. There a lot kinds of buildings that can be seen there. For example underground with many metro lines and trains without engine driver. This trains will carry passengers with a high speed to the farthest stations (there will be 85 stations). There will be marble walls and a large condition system. The monarchy pay attention to education. There are also foreign students who have many opportunities in future. There is one more grandiose idea of the government. It is the biggest Disneyland in desert (32 hectares with 28 amusements. Innovations of ecology has got an implementaion in reality. For example there is an Arabian smart house. It has got recycle material furniture. Smart sensores detect what is the temperature in a house. If there is 40% of the light outside the house the light in the house can be 60%. So there is an economy of resources because the electricity in Saudi Arabia is expensive resource. So Saudis use the sun energy. The temperature outside can reach 60 grades. So there is highly demend of condition. But as it was abovementioned the electricity is expencity. And the condition sysem detect how many people in the room and give the needed amount of conditioned air. Before this great reforms in tourism there were reforms in the elite. Crown Prince fought against the corruprion and the amount of millionaires declined (-10 millionaires). So Saudi Arabia is open for buisness and there are some rules of having buisness here:

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  •         Don`t start buisness meetings from the talkings about buisness. There is no need. First it is need to talk about general themes
  •         Saudis demand of oral or written buisness functions, arragements, commitments and so on. And they do the same to partners
  •         There is a great demand of personal communication. Saudis don`t like distance between speakers (keep of e-mail or messages communication)
  •         Saudis make namaz 5 times a day. The first one they do at home before a work and the last one they do after work. So they break any meeting for a pray.
  •         There no alcohol and no pork during the lunch or dinner after a meeting.
  •         A dance with cavalry swords and photos with hawks are obligatory rituals of every festive occasion in Saudi Arabia
  •         “Spend money where you get it”- is a unofficial slogan of Saudi`s Arabia economy.
  •         Be ready for high temperatures in the summer (almost 60° degrees)
  •         The official language of Saudi Arabia is Arabian but they know English so be ready to have a enough level to communicate with them
  •         During the meeting there is a tradition to make a collective photo in “G-20 style” in Saudi Arabia

Many people are engaged with the development of this state. So they are searching for job vacancy in jeddah welcome to our site. We have a multiple choice of vacancies for men and women in different spheres. Be very attentive with your documents in Saudi Arabia:

  •         You should have llegal personal and jobs documents
  •         It isn`t allowed to have 2 or more passports in this country
  •         You should make a copy of your passport for identification wherever you go

Thousands of thankful clients all over the world work sucessfully. Work ilegally in Saudi Arabia with us.

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