Safe buying of cryptocurrency – myth or reality?


Today in order to get access to well-known cryptocurrency and purchase it, everyone can use your own credit card. It is easy to do it in single touch and without any fees online on our site! If we are speaking about the first transaction only!

How crypto buying system work?

It is necessary to get fiat to crypto signals telegram rate and confirmation about your ID. When this process will be done the system asks to enter the information about billing and payment of every client. After that you can get your assets in 5 minutes.

There are features that position the company as a reliable partner. All manipulation concerning receiving crypto takes a few stages:

  1. Our clients pay low fees. It is about 0.95% for every transaction. There are a few companies who can give such a small percent. First transaction we have made free for you.
  2. We have formed a fast transactions system. It will help everyone to get your assets in five minutes. Often, it can take less than one minutes.
  3. It was installed flexible limits for every transaction – $ 25000.
  4. It is very convenient when you can use the most popular cards: Visa and MasterCard.
  5. Token holders receive half of the income from exchange transactions.

So, why is it easy to buy cryptocurrency with our company?

In process of working there is understanding that company make procedure of buying cryptocurrency plain.

Clients always receive the most benefits in order to buy crypto values fast. It is a great advantage of our company.

There is a clear and simple interface for managing your cryptos.

Convenient tools were created for clients for successful purchase of cryptocurrency in the best way.

Due to fast transactions and simple processes of verification, everyone can get a huge experience of buying cryptocurrency.

Everything included in one attachment for receiving needed cryptocurrency at any time.


What can Buy Crypto Service exchange?

It can exchange Fiat to Crypto by applying your credit card.

What are offered cryptocurrencies on the site?

Ethereum cryptocurrency is offered at the moment on our site. Later we can offer you another one.

What amount is needed at first?

This trading platform use dollars only. You don’t need buying the whole unit of an asset. You need just a part of your crypto value.

Are you using any security system for your funds and details?

Of course, we use. Your private information and details have good protection.

Which cards can work in your payment system?

You can use Visa and MasterCard credit or debit cards.

Have Token Holders any benefits?

Yes, they receive 50% of income to their Ethereum wallet.

Can I pass any stage in receiving cryptocurrency?

No, you can’t. You need to make all stages consistently in order to complete procedure of receiving cryptocurrency.

Do you have more questions or you can’t understand something we have noted? You can contact us on e-mail.

Remember: we do everything for your convenience and created this site in order to simplify all stages for working with cryptocurrency.

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