Productivity Tips For Budding Writers


“A writer is a person for whom writing is more difficult than it is for other people.”

This quote by Thomas Mann, a German Novelist, explains how writing is a task that requires a lot of thought and process. A writer is an artist who is looking for ideas to write about all the time. It is important for writers to develop some skills to maximize their creativity and avoid frequent creative blocks in their careers.

The job of a writer is no cakewalk and when a person is starting out in this artistic career, it is ever more difficult. It is important to set monthly or weekly goals to increase productivity. 

Let us explore some tips that can help budding writers increase their productivity.

  • Make writing a routine.

Often, budding writers wait for the inspiration to strike them and then they get down to write about it. But it should not be this way. A writer should set a daily window to think and write about anything and everything they like. This helps in the inflow of ideas and creative thoughts. 

  • Be a little tech-savvy.

Technology is everywhere today. Nowadays, everyone needs to be affluent with different gadgets like smartphones and laptops to make their work happen. Similarly, writers should be comfortable with these gadgets to make their work easy peasy. Converting a PDF to Word should not be a struggle.

  • Create a writing den.

A writer should have a dedicated space in their home or office where they feel ideas pouring in with a dash of comfort. It helps them concentrate and write better.

  • Maintain a journal

Creative thoughts can strike you anytime – while commuting to work, doing the dishes, or even partying. If you don’t have a pen and paper journal, then you can just jot down your thoughts on your mobile.

  • Keep it crisp.

Understand what your USP is, why connects with the audience, and focus on that while maintaining the humor and crispiness in the writing. 


Often, writers find themselves staring at a wall or ceiling and get blacked out. To avoid such instances and improve productivity, writers should inculcate the above-mentioned tips and see the magic happening. Most important is to be tech-savvy as it can help them do smart work and not be overworked. 

Free Tip: Always send your work to the client in a PDF file and always keep a PDF editor in your bookmarks. 

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