Personalize and print your custom feather flags by following these simple rules 


Notwithstanding the fact feather flags are sufficient enough to draw attention and drive sales, it’s more effective and enjoyable if you come up with a design that bolsters your business goal. 

  • After choosing the right color, which is undoubtedly the first crucial consideration in the designs scheme, you can look for color combinations that represent, utilize, or validate your business colors or vibe. 
  • You can associate specific shades with brand to evoke an image or vibe that you want your target audience to relate with your company. Your design’s layout is also pivotal. If you’re making custom feather flags, you have banner size constraints along with shape limitations. 

It’s not a prudent idea to write long words, especially when it results in tiny font dimensions. Write something that people can read immediately. You can use multiple designs and a plethora of feather flags, if need be. 

The custom-making process

There are reputable companies that make and sew all types of feather flags to order. They can produce a range of personalized of banner flags. You can print the customer corner and classic teardrop feather flags with school emblem, business logo, or text in the best of matching colors.

  • The designer sews the pocket near the edge. It slips over the existing poles, which are 1-2.5 cm in diameter). With flat sewing, the flags can be 20*12”. 
  • If you want to order custom feather flags, you can visit the sites and press the design button. You need to select a custom size to start with.
  • Insert the concerned dimensions before uploading your emblem or logo.
  • The companies print only one side of the refined Voille de Ville fabric. It’s a premium material with 50% or more show-through. You can see the design on the flag’s reverse side as well.
  • You need to bear in mind that while designing your own feather flag, there would be an average shrinkage of 0.39”-0.60”, or even 2% at times during the production process. 
  • Considering the critical implications of size, you need to allow some variation in the processing part. Additionally, if you have crucial details pertaining to the edge or sides of the design, you need to leave adequate room between the flag’s edge and your image.
  • It’s very important for designs that thrive on texts. You need to ensure your words have clarity and they aren’t not in proximity with the edge. 

More options for you

To print feather flags, you have three pole dimensions to choose from. If your storefront is small, you can go with the 16 ft product. The companies make your custom-printed flags from polyester. They are washable. 

To ensure more convenience, you can select a custom base attachment for your printed feather flag. Choose your water weight bag, cross base, or ground spike. The cross base must be able to keep it upright in the face of wind. The water weight variety will keep it down. 

The ground spike entails a pointed edge, which helps you in driving the pole into the ground and firmly securing it one place. 

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