Online sports betting in Hungary using Paysafecard


Online sports betting in Hungary has grown tremendously since the country allowed international bookmakers to set their foot in the country. Before this, gambling was highly controlled by the government where only one entity was allowed in the field at the expense of local and foreign bookies. 

Liberalization of gambling and technological advancement is two factors that have fueled this development. Availability of payment methods such as paysafecard among others has allowed players to fund their accounts easily and conveniently contributing to the popularity of online betting. Mobile betting accounts for almost eighty percent of sports betting in the country has grown from thirty percent in ten years. 

The number of bookmakers accepting Paysafecard in Hungary has also increased during the period owing to its safety, low transaction fees, availability among other factors. In this article we explore Paysafecard gambling, highlighting how you can bet with the Paysafecard as well as the bookmakers that accept this payment option.

If you had a chat with betting enthusiasts who have been in the game for more than one decade, you will likely gather that they have used Paysafecard to fund their betting accounts at one time or another. Some say that the payment option has become almost synonymous with online betting. Paysafecard just like its name suggests has been the preferred payment option due to its safety and the anonymity it provides the players.

Having been founded in Austria, the popular payment option is now more than two decades old and has spread its wings in more than fifty countries, and boasts of three million customers worldwide. For the last six or so years, it has been a subsidiary of The Blackstone Group, the investment entity that owns the other two popular payment options Neteller and Skrill. Apart from the anonymity provided by Paysafecard gambling, players prefer the payment method for its instant payments, universal acceptance as well as zero transaction fees.

Bookies accepting Paysafecard

There are several Paysafecard Hungary bookies. These bookmakers have accepted Paysafe as a reliable and trusted payment option. They include:

  • FEZbet
  • Bet 365
  • 22Bet
  • Unitbet
  • NetBet
  • Betway
  • Betfair
  • Cyberbet, among others

Benefits of using Paysafecard to bet

Apart from the reliability that is offered by this payment option, there are other reasons that players who prefer Bet365 Paysafecard and others in this family often cite. The payment method has grown over the years to become the most preferred for online betting. The fact that players are allowed to make payments on betting sites without being required to provide personal information or detailed card guarantees them total anonymity.

Not many players would like to ditch out their details to every Tom, Dick, and Harry. This provides the players who would not like to link their bank account with a safe betting platform. Paysafecard is also known for its ease of operation, security, and instant transactions which also attract zero fees.

Other benefits of Paysafecard betting sites include:

  • It is widely accepted by bookmakers including Bet365 Paysafecard among others
  • Deposits reflect immediately while withdrawals take only 24 hrs to be processed
  • Restrictions on Welcome bonus are less compared to other bookmakers
  • Players using Paysafecard Hungary experience a hassle-free top up as they can buy vouchers from the retailer, they only need cash to deposit and bet
  • A wide variety of currencies and languages are accepted
  • With a free mobile betting app, players can control their funds ensuring they engage in responsible betting

Drawbacks of Paysafecard Budapest 

As the saying goes, every coin has two sides. In the same way, Paysafecard Budapest has some drawbacks. We believe it is important for the players to know about the shortcomings as this allows them to select the payment option with an open mind.

With such, they will not be disappointed when they come across some difficulties upon using the payment option for their betting endeavors. These drawbacks include Exclusion from registration offers, it’s not ideal for big deposits, there are no reward programs, passwords come with a fixed amount, and attraction of account and conversion fees.

Using Paysafecard to bet

To use Paysafecard in betting sites will require a bettor to visit the banking section of the preferred bookie. One of the things required during the signing up process is to provide an email where the bettor should ensure it is similar to the one that was used when registering with a bookmaker.

This ensures consistency and comes in handy when one is required to verify the account. Verification of the account is one of the security measures that have been put in place to ensure that there is no access by a third party. When it comes to depositing funds, you will need to specify the amount you wish to transfer to your betting account. To ensure responsible online betting, players are encouraged to have a budget so that they only deposit the amount planned for this activity. 

If a bookmaker does not have features that encourage responsible betting, players should take self-initiative and limit the amount they spend in terms of time and money. Controlling the amount that you deposit goes a long way in avoiding overspending. For players using Paysafecard limitations put on the amount that can be deposited at a time may serve as deterrence for those who have not made their budget. However, there are no limits on the frequency of deposits and this is why we urge self-control.

Although Paysafecard has numerous benefits it offers the users, sometimes you may that it does not meet your needs as a player. There are alternatives that you can pick, they include Paypal, Skrill, credit cards, Neteller, Trustly, and the various cryptocurrencies in the market among other payment options. 

With our coverage of Paysafecard as a payment option, we believe we have given an objective and comprehensive analysis. This information will help you in selecting a payment option based on your point of knowledge.

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