Netflix – How to watch movies and series for free and legally


Netflix offers free movies and content even if you are not a subscriber. Find out how to legally watch Netflix for free. Netflix has found an original way to attract new subscribers to its streaming platform. It simply offers free content. You can visit 123 movies or soap2day to watch free movies.

Netflix – Offers free content

With the arrival of Disney + and the rise of Amazon, the competition is getting tougher. Ended the free trial period, Netflix decided to go subscriber fishing in another way.

Netflix stands out for the quality and quantity of its original content. It has in its catalog many programs that have become cult.

The American giant offers you to watch a selection of films and series for free. It should be noted that only the first episode of each series is available for free. This is the principle for phishing you.

Which movies and series can I watch for free?

This selection includes 7 series and 3 films. Netflix has carefully chosen its nuggets so you can’t resist. This selection includes the first episodes of: Stranger Things, Elite, Bay Boss, In their eyes, Grace and Frankie, Love is Blind and Our planet.

As for feature films, there is also something to feast on with Murder Mystery, Bird Box and Les deux papes.

It is not known if Netflix plans to expand or change this selection in the future.

Netflix – How to watch movies and series for free?

Netflix has made it as easy as possible to take advantage of this free content without having an account. You can view them from a computer or Android device (unfortunately iOS browsers are not supported).

Go directly to this page . You land on the selection where each program is detailed.

If your browser is not up to date or does not support the free preview, enter your email address and Netflix will send you a link.

Check out 7starhd to get more info.

A bonus gift for new subscribers

If Netflix has managed to convince you with this premium selection and you go through the subscription box, you are entitled to a small additional gift. It will be difficult to resist. The first 30 days are almost free.

You can visit here to know about the free sab result. Here you can also know about the best trending topic Picuki.

You have to pay only 0.05 € and of course you can cancel your subscription at any time.
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