Mini Piling – A Cost Effective Foundation Method


If you’re planning a construction project with limited access, such as home extensions, conservatories and basements, mini piling is a cost-effective solution.

It is a safe and reliable foundation method that provides solid foundations while producing less noise and vibration. This means it is ideal for densely populated areas and buildings with close proximity.


Piling is a cost effective foundation method that can be used for new build, house extensions/conversions, basement installation and conservatory foundations. It is also a great option for working in tight or confined spaces, such as in domestic properties with limited headroom and access.

There are a variety of piling systems to choose from, depending on the size and nature of your project. They include Continuous Flight Auger (CFA), Replacement Piles and Mini Piling, with Contiguous Piled Retaining Walls being an excellent choice for confined and low headroom sites.

These small diameter piles are drilled using specialised piling rigs that are designed to work in limited access areas. These rigs are fitted with rubber crawler tracks to ensure they can be manoeuvred through standard doorways.


Mini piling is a great solution to build the foundations of buildings on sensitive pieces of land, especially in situations where the ground may be less stable and can cause building subsidence. This is because it can go a lot deeper than traditional piling methods, making it an excellent option to support the structure.

In addition, it can also be completed quickly. This means that a house extension using this method can take between two and five days, saving builders time and money.

Piling is a crucial part of the construction process, as it distributes heavy loads over a larger surface to make the building strong and secure. It requires specialized equipment and a highly skilled team to complete it properly.

It is important to find a professional mini piling contractor in London for your project. They will provide you with skilled workers, guaranteed results, on-site visits, insurance, and years of experience to make your job easier.


Mini piling is an excellent way to create the foundations that your London property needs in difficult access locations, such as railway embankments. The small size of the piles means that they are easily installed even in tight spaces.

The piles can be driven in by hammers or impact hammers and are suitable for many different ground conditions. They can also be used to build retaining walls or bridges.

Depending on the type of site, you may need to work with other types of piles such as sheet piling or rolled steel sections. It is essential to consider your site’s needs before you start mini piling in London to ensure that the right types of piles are selected.

The ground surface can deteriorate over time and this should be taken into account when working with a pile rig. This can give rise to soft spots that can then unbalance the rig, causing it to topple over.


If you are thinking about creating a basement, home extension or conservatory, you need to make sure you know how to take advantage of the space available on your property. The best way to do this is by getting a good Mini piling contractor to help you out.

Mini piling is a type of foundation reinforcement that can be used to underpin or repair existing structures. It is also a great option for locations where access is restricted or environmental sensitivity is a factor.

It uses small diameter (300mm to 600mm) rotary bored or sectional flight auger piles, drilled to a maximum depth of 30 metres. Keltbray Piling, which is part of Keltbray Group, recently launched a mini piling capability after seeing an increase in demand.

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