Millionaire Mommy and Artist Paige Michelle: How This Ex-Waitress Built a Million Dollar Personal Development Empire Before Her 30th Birthday


It takes a growth mindset, drive and enthusiasm to create an empire for yourself. Success is quite a difficult journey, but with these traits, you can build anything. Michelle Paige has done just that, turning all her distresses into power. She has leveraged her music craft in her business model to create a dynamic business. 

Coming from a place that seemed to be of no hope to being an innovative, brilliant, disruptive, strategic individual who is also a great mother is outstanding. 


Paige Michelle is the founder of Undefined; a personal development empire focused on helping women (especially mothers) take immediate control of their mental, emotional, physical, and financial wellbeing. She is also a global Human Design Authority, Life & Business Strategist, best-selling author of “The Patterns,” investor, and a passionate and great mother.

Today, Paige has won the trust of over 80,000 women across all platforms, and she has 17,682,000 views in the last year alone between TikTok and Reels. Moreso, an investment portfolio of over $2M. Her clients made over $18,000,000 in three years, and she did a $1M by the age of 30. 

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Building a Million Dollar Personal Development Empire. 

Paige was always the notorious kid who did whatever she wanted fearlessly. She grew up in Marion, Ohio. She barely graduated high school and failed out of college because she drank and went to strip clubs during weekends. She was arrested twice, went back home, and started waitressing. Waitressing was the beginning of her grind to victory.

She decided to become a paralegal and got into it her way. She utilized the opportunity and helped build the business into complete practice. 

Paige started blogging to write and escape creatively. She made it a small organic social media business. At the same time, Paige got married and had her firstborn, while her self-development business crashed. She was pregnant again, left her husband, and lived in her parent’s basement while rebuilding the business. 

Within three years, the business had generated over $1,000,000, and the clients had made over $18,000,000 in wealth.

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Business Model

In Undefined, Paige coaches women with online educational courses, music/art, physical products, and in-depth interviews with leaders. There is even an affirmation album that helps people use their astrology and genetic map to identify their deepest wounds and heal them forever. This is the first time a person is using music in conjunction with the System of Human Design.

Paige knows a lot of people out there in pain and a lot with gifts and solutions for them but refuses to do anything about it. She thus helps women understand themselves from a deeper perspective, helping them heal and courage to follow experiences. She coaches them in a relatable and fun way to make the process compelling for each individual. 

Paige Michelle also has a book, The Pattern, that also speaks on personal development. There is an upcoming one, “Be a Mother, Not a Martyr,” and she can write that book because of her amazing kids, Ford and Ruby. She is passionate about her work and aims at helping as many women as possible. 

You can reach out to Paige Michelle by email or follow her on 



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