Making online classes efficient:


Tips for teachers.

In the present times, several schools, colleges, and other educational institutes are moving to online or virtual classrooms for imparting and receiving an education. Effectiveness and potency are required for successful learning among students. Winning the attention and interest of students in an online class is tough but with a few tricks and plans, you can win it easily.

Teachers play an important role to indulge students in learning and prevent them from getting bored and diverted from their studies. Let us discuss a few qualities of an effective teacher.

Qualities of an effective teacher.

A teacher who practices effective learning among the students possesses certain excellent qualities which are :

  • Enjoying the profession of teaching students.
  • Accepting and adopting the changes.
  • Making positive impacts on the learners.
  • Understanding the students, their emotions, and their needs.
  • Promoting and teaching goal setting.
  • Helping and guiding students for the accomplishments of their goals.

These qualities and characteristics of the teachers help students to learn and understand efficiently. To make online teaching a choice for all and a great platform to learn, teachers can follow and include some tips to promote effective learning and to catch the interest and attention of the learners.  Keeping your goals and objectives in your mind, while doing something is very essential. Let’s read why remembering goals is important to do.

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Your goal: Remember it always.

Whenever working for the achievement of a task, keep your goal or aim clear in your mind. This will help you to stay dedicated, focused and keep moving in the right direction and path. Teachers should have a rock-solid plan of action for making online classes fun and interactive for the students. With clarity of goal in mind, you will surely work efficiently. The completion of desired tasks pushes a person to perform much better and properly in the future.

Let’s read a few main tips which teachers can include in their teaching patterns to provide effective learning on an online platform.

1. Select a proper app or tool.

Choosing the right online teaching app is very essential. Before class conduct, you have to select an appropriate app which the students can use easily. Easy access to the online app promotes efficient teaching. It encourages students to indulge in classes properly. Teachers should choose an app that has normal functioning. It should not be very complex to use. The language of the app should also be simple and understandable. You can select the best app for online classes available on the application store.

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Along with this instructor should have proper knowledge about how the app works. They should be through with its usage. This way they will also be able to explain to students if they face any difficulties in using it. Easy access to the class will also save login and log-out time. This is quite beneficial to students.

2. Giving clear and proper instructions.

Giving clear instructions and inviting links to students is very necessary for effective and successful conduction of classes. Inviting links should be sent a day before the class so that students can make the necessary arrangements and be prepared. Joining rules and instructions should be given to the participants of the class. They should take online classes properly and punctuality, regulations should also be followed. Instruct your students to be on time. This will also teach them discipline. The following discipline and learning time importance and management will help them to become successful in their lives and careers.

Proper classwork and homework should be explained to students. Worksheets and assignments done in the class should be sent to the email addresses of students respectively.

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3. Including interactive activities.

Including interactive activities in the virtual classes via online teaching apps is a great technique to achieve effective learning among students. We learn best when we are interested in the subject. To attain this interest, involving interactive activities is very important. Teachers can make the class lively and cheerful by making students participate in different and unique activities, other than just simply memorizing the content and syllabus.

You can include puzzle-solving, story-making, debating, recitations, brainstorm activities, giving presentations, group activities, games, and other innovative tasks as per the teacher’s imagination and creativity. The best app for online classes provides many facilities such as whiteboards, a microphone, and a camera facility to perform such activities.

Debate activities and group discussions can be done in the live sessions between teachers and the students. This will help students to learn in better ways. Their logic, reasoning, analytical, and speaking skills are improved via this method.

4. Receive feedback.

Receiving feedback and suggestions from students is also beneficial. This will help you to know whether students are understanding and finding your way of teaching appropriately. This will motivate you to do better. Improvisation in the teaching approach is also achieved.


These four tips will surely help the teachers to achieve their goal of effective learning. Following this way, you will be able to increase student engagement in the class which will automatically promote effective delivery of education and other knowledge to the students. These techniques can help teachers to enhance their teaching skills and knowledge.

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