Make In India Trade: Get Here Best Collections of Coromandel Cement in 2021


Make In India Trade is one of the best web development & e-commerce solutions. It is a growing B2B Marketplace in India, where buyers and even sellers have a great connection. It is a platform that includes numerous manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers, suppliers, distributors, importers, exporters, service providers, and many more.

That’s why everyone said that it is an ideal platform to do business. Everything from agricultural work to clothing, sports, cement, electronic equipment, etc., has reached the customers through this company.

Significantly, Make In India Trade company permit you to discover the manufacturers, providers, exporters, importers. Additionally, the trading corporation of Coromandel Cement listing upon your position and its reputation. You also find here an excellent Business list of coromandel cement.

Here is an article about the four collections of Coromandel Cement of Make In India Trade company. So, let’s check out this.

Finest 4 Collections of Coromandel Cement:

1. Coromandel 53 Grade OPC:

General Materials Inc. company produced General Materials Inc. Cement. The demand for this cement is increasing. This company work as an exporter, producer, wholesaler, provider & supplier in the marketplace. Additionally, this commercial company has included cement sand, bright bars, stainless steel products, and affiliated goods for more than nine years. Surprisingly, a total of 100 employees works under this company.

General Materials Inc. was constituted and published in the market in 2012. It is a familiar name in the commercial category, listing the comprehensive range of goods on Make In India Trade. Notably, Sameer controls its work in Mizoram, Aizawl in India.

2. Coromandel King OPC Cement:

PORTLAND TRADING CO. company produced Coromandel King OPC Cement. This company has worked with their products for 24 years. Moreover, it is engaged in provider & also Trading Company for their commercial products such as cement sand. In 1997, this company launched in the marketplace, and now it is a well-known commercial company.

Anup NandyProprietor operates this company-related work in Kolkata, West Bengal, in India. Additionally, the annual turnover of its company is Rs 6 crores, and a total of 8 people work under this.

3. Coromandel Cement:

R.R Building Materials Private Limited launched Coromandel Cement. This company work as an exporter, producer, wholesaler, provider, supplier & also Trading Company for their commercial products such as tiles, wooden door panels, bricks, cement sand.

R.R Building Materials Private Limited was established in 2014 and has worked with its products in the marketplace for seven years. Here you find wide-ranging effects. Additionally, Ravi operates this company-related work in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, in India. This company’s annual turnover is about crore, and ten employees are involved with this company.

4. Coromandel Cement:

Well, here Coromandel Cement’s name is the same, but its company is different. Champion Dealers Pvt. Ltd. Launched this cement. In addition to Coromandel Cement, the company also supplies bright bars and cement sand. Ajay operates this company-related work in Pune, Maharashtra, in India.

How does Make In India Trade assist you in selecting the most acceptable marketer of coromandel cement near you?

These types of cement are mainly divided based on location. And Make In India Trade always help you choose what is best for you. For this, you should press the send inquiry button to itemized your required Product inbox, then write down the necessitate.

After that, you will obtain the topmost offers. You can also operate this work through an Android App. In this way, you can easily see which coromandel cement company is nearest to you through Make In India Trade. Nowadays, people feel comfortable using it. If you are eager to know more about the Coromandel Cement of Make In India Trade, visit this link

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