Introducing Classic Popular Items Brands For Polo Shirts


The polo shirt has a collar and is a pullover type top that you can wear. There is a history that it was made based on the uniform of the team competition “Polo” that fights on horseback.

The point is that even when worn as a single piece, it gives a tighter impression than T-shirts. The sporty design and cool texture make this item useful in the spring, summer season.

Therefore, this time, we have selected the recommended brands of polo shirts that are perfect for adult men.

Polo Ralph Lauren

Polo Ralph Lauren” is an American fashion brand founded in 1968. The traditional American design is attractive, and items that combine casualness and elegance are popular. The pony logo mark is famous, and it is also treated as a point on the chest of the polo shirt.

A polo shirt made from cotton Kanoko that feels soft to the touch. It is soft and comfortable to wear on the skin and is less likely to wrinkle than Y-shirts. The silhouette has a moderate amount of space so that you can spend it comfortably, even in the hot season.

Polo Ralph Lauren flag switching polo shirt

A polo shirt is featuring diagonal color switching. The design is gorgeous and eye-catching, but it looks not too flashy and easy to use daily by choosing a calm color. It is a fashionable item with attention to detail, such as the big pony on the chest, the numbering on the right sleeve, and the flag emblem on the left sleeve.

The material is 100% cotton, which has an attractive silky feel. A refreshingly comfortable polo shirt is especially useful in the hot season. The design is gorgeous, but the silhouette is simple, so it goes well with various bottoms such as denim and chinos.

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