Instagram history: When was it launched and changed within the years


Instagram is a Facebook-owned American picture and video sharing social networking website founded in 2010 by Mike Krieger and Kevin Systrom and debuted for iOS in October 2010. Instagram is the most rapidly developing social media network.

It was a success from the start, with one million active users in two months, ten million in a year, and one billion in June 2018. The Android version came in April 2012, a Fire OS app released in June 2014, and a Windows 10 app released in October 2016. Despite being hailed for its effect, Instagram has been chastised, most prominently for policy and interface modifications, censorship claims, and unlawful or inappropriate content shared by users.

Launch of the iOS App

On October 6, 2010, the Instagram application was released, and it quickly gained 25,000 users. Instagram was already downloaded 100,000 times by the end of the first week, and the percentage of users had reached one million by mid-December. The timing of the app’s debut was fortunate because the iPhone 4–with an enhanced camera–had just been released a few months earlier, in June 2010.

How Instagram changed within years:

When Instagram first started in 2010, it was a very different experience than it is today.

It began as a photo-sharing software, but it lacked many of the features it has now, such as Instagram stories, live, messaging, and much more. Since the last nine years, the business has made additional modifications, such as altering the algorithm that selects which photographs you view rather than presenting them chronologically.

Instagram has tried deleting several early features this year. It removed the following tab in October, which has existed since 2011 as a tool for tracking your friends’ favorites posts. Even more dramatically, Instagram is currently testing the removal of likes globally, an experiment that began last summer in many countries, including Australia and Canada, and has already expanded to the United States.


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Facebook Acquires Instagram

The app’s user base has expanded to roughly 27 million users by March 2012. Instagram was introduced for Android phones in April 2012 and was downloaded over a million times in less than a day.

Facebook made an offer in 2012 to buy Instagram for around $1 billion in cash and shares, with the necessary condition that the business stays independently controlled. Following that, Facebook pushed through and purchased the firm.

In November 2012, Instagram launched a limited-feature internet interface. The firm first released an app for the Amazon Fire device in June 2014, and then in 2016, an app was released that was compatible with Microsoft Windows PCs and tablets.


While user numbers have continued to rise following the Facebook takeover, Instagram has made just a few modifications to the program, remaining true to its basic and straightforward user interface and primary focus on picture and video sharing.

Instagram was the second-most installed free app on the Appstore in 2018. Every month in 2019, 1 billion users accessed Instagram.

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