Information about Pachinko and Pachislot in Japan. Slot board rush games


It is called a pachislot because it is a slot machine in a pachinko parlor. However, the current pachislot machines have changed independently from the slot machines found in the original casinos and are closer to different ones.

First, pachislot pachinko can be installed in shops. Pachinko is often designed to be the same width as the base, the small type. The casino of the slot machine is prominent on the right side lever has, but pull it the forward rotation of the reel begins, Pachislot small in front lever rotates the spin by pressing down.

Pachislot has been popular since the mid- 1980s. But were many things, the 2000s and into the anime – manga table on which was subject to such a steep discount increased to, has been prepared to enjoy the performance Large LCD screens have also begun to appear. This current pachinko slot board (スロ板) machine and is no longer a different thing.

What is Pachislot?

A pachislot machine is a Japanese gaming machine, which is used in Japanese casino parlors. Because gambling is entirely illegal in Japan, these tokens are exchanged for prizes. The reels are closed using three buttons on the front of the machine, and hence it is also called Skill Stop Machine.

How to play:

The primary way to play is as follows:

  • “Medals the current gold to borrow at, to put into a game machine.”
  • “When you pull the lever, you will get a lottery with a certain probability.”
  • “Reel is rotated, button stop in. If the above-mentioned lottery hits symbols assortment cormorant.”
  • “At the time of winning, medals will be paid out in some way.”
  • “Paid out medals, the hole in the scene can be exchanged for goods.”

It should be noted in the pachislot; the picture is assortment. Whether Ukado the reel button is not determined when they stopped at, medals and put the lever is already decided when the minus is that. Lever, when minus the loss of the reel aimed much is the latter case minus the lottery of the button as trying to stop at losing is.

Main terms:

Pachislot and pachinko to a variety of specialized languages there is. Here, the main for pachislot words to describe.

1. Eyes push: 

The reel is around in the eye to stop at any of the patterns seen.

The old slot machine’s eye could stop in any of the patterns seen in the, currently in the pachislot computer is controlled, only when hit in the lottery eye press is not necessary. Pachinko a difference Small win or bonus or the like is winning even if, in a combination that is determined the pattern assortment If you do note medal payout and the bonus game for the not fire, aiming assortment firmly there is a need to obtain. In particular, the small win the prize was game and not aligned with, medal there is a need to be careful because you lose the right to receive a payout.

However, the slot board rush (スロ 板 ラッシュ) is suitable and stops the reel by controlling the spin winning. So you arbitrarily align the small role that was, eyes push to become necessary, winning and lower exceptional small part of the rate, bonus Most of the time I start the game.

2. Technology intervention:

Recent slots tend to have many machines with low technical intervention (machines with high technological intervention are difficult to make by law and cannot be sold).

Although it is a little, this part makes a difference in playability with pachinko, and it is a part where the ball output changes depending on the hitter’s technique. In addition, currently, the payout of performance “completion has been designed to fit the whole technology intervention.

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