How to win at slot machines


When we think of online casino games, one of our first memories is slot machines. And that doesn’t happen by chance. Along with roulette wheels and card game tables, slot machines cannot be missing from any casino, be it online or physical. Currently these games have the most varied versions possible, with different themes and special functions that make each machine unique. For example, if you want to play Thai-based slot games, you can visit สล็อตเว็บตรง.

However, this can bring us some problems: the options are so many that many players can’t even find a favorite game and sometimes they can’t even guarantee profit and fun with their rounds.

So it’s the perfect time to change that story and learn how to enjoy these games.

What are and how to play slots?

A video slot game is nothing more than a modern version of the traditional slot machine games, the old machines where it was enough to put a coin in to get a round where the prize could be multiplied.

The first machine of this type dates back to 1895, when Charles Fey invented the prototype and sold the first machine to Mill Novelty. The Mills Liberty Bell had symbols like King, Queen and Jack and would ring a large bell when someone won the jackpot. Years passed and these machines finally arrived at online casinos with a series of special functions that could not be incorporated into physical machines.

Today a video slot machine comes with features like win multipliers, bonus rounds and free spins. In addition, they maintained interesting functions such as wild symbols (which replace other symbols to increase the prize) and also progressive jackpots, which accumulate prizes for players each round.

To play, you just have to register on an online gaming site, choose a machine and the amount you want to bet, following a series of precious tips that you will now know.

Tips for winning at slot games

Whichever online casino you choose to play at, there are some good tips that will come in handy at all of them. That way, although it is never guaranteed that you will make a profit when playing, it is quite simple to maximize your chances of doing so. The first and most important tip of all is to choose a game that matches your profile. While fun should always be the main objective of a game round, it won’t be fun to lose everything in a short time.

First of all, you must understand what your player profile is. New players who still have little value to invest should always choose low variance machines, while more advanced players with bigger bankrolls can look for high variance games or jackpot games.

What are low variance games?

We explain: low variance games are those where the difference between symbols is between 3x and 5x. This machine usually doesn’t bring many multipliers, and although these are smaller, it can pay out prizes more often.

High variance machines feature symbols ranging from 5x to 15x, bonus rounds and free spins. In this way, they can bring much larger prizes, but the gap between prize payouts will also be larger.

Another very important tip is to check the RTP of the machine. RTP is an acronym that represents the return to the player, that is, the margin of return of what is wagered and what is returned to the players as a prize.

A machine with an RTP of 98%, for example, brings an average of $98 back to players for every $100 that are played on these machines.

Finally, another very valuable tip for players is to have well-defined goals, both for gains and losses: set a goal and stop as soon as you reach it. Likewise, think of a loss limit and stop immediately if you hit it, not trying to recover any value at that point.

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