How to start playing sports betting in Cyprus with a minimum deposit


How can beginners bet on sports and be consistently in the black? Many people cannot imagine their life without sports, competitions, excitement. Some of them go into one of the sport, constantly follow sports news, like to watch broadcasts of major events on TV, cheer for their favorite team when they come to the stadium.

When they find out about the existence of bookmakers, some of them decide to try to bet on sports in order not only to get moral pleasure from sports, but also to earn real money on it. After all, experienced players are able to win large sums on bets without a lot struggles. Let’s try to figure out what initial steps you need to take to eventually have a stable income from bet on sport live, what every new player should know and how to find the best bookmaker to play for money.

Choose bookmaker

Most legal bookmakers in Cyprus are not much differ between. Therefore, we advise a beginner to choose a bookmaker based on the size of bonuses they provide for newbies. If you don’t like the bookmaker chosen in this way, you can always change it. Here are the main differences between licensed bookmakers in Cyprus:

  • Prematch line;
  • Live line;
  • Number of sports;
  • Convenience of the site / application;
  • Loyalty to the client and his problems;
  • Bonuses and technical support work.
  • How to place your first bet?

Theoretically, it is very easy to place a bet at a bookmaker and no special skills are required for this. To do this, you just need to find a list of events divided by sports and specific leagues or championships (line), select the match you are interested in and place a bet on one of the outcome options. You can bet on standard outcomes – the victory of one of the teams or a draw, or you can bet on less popular events – whether there will be a removal in the match, how many corners will be given in it, whether a certain player will score a goal or not (they are given in the schedule for the match).

However, if you seriously want to get a stable income on bet placing, you must understand that people who really know how to bet on sports never do it thoughtlessly. You do not need to bet just because you liked the proposed event or it has high odds. This strategy rarely leads gamblers to win. Only one who wins here –  the bookmaker, which, if the game is properly organized, earns a lot of money on large number of players.

5 tips for a beginner in sports betting

We have selected five of the most important tips that will definitely help a beginner in sports betting, read them carefully:

  • Never bet all-in. It is always better to split the pot into several bets than to bet all at once. By splitting bets, you can at least not lose everything at once.
  • Analyze every game. Only a complete analysis of all previous games can significantly increase the chances of winning.
  • Don’t rush to place a bet. It is always better to wait a bit, it is better to evaluate all the details than to bet on anything.
  • Do not try to win back quickly – this is a sure way to lose even more. Best of all, take a break, think about the reasons for losing, draw conclusions and try to bet on another day.
  • Don’t let yourself be fooled. You should not trust, and even more so, buy match-fixing, win-win strategies, accurate paid forecasts. In general, it is better not to trust the choice of what to put on other people.

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