How to Reduce The Appearance of Scars?


Scars can be caused by a whole host of factors but one thing that is very important to note is that scars are a reminder of unwanted trauma from the past. It can really play havoc on a person’s self esteem if the scarring that has happened is too prominent. People may feel unattractive due to their scars and this can have a lot of effects on the mental health and the overall well-being of a person. We can see how scars can very negatively impact us and also cause us much distress. 

Fortunately for us, however, is the fact that most of these scars do fade as time passes even if they do not go away completely. Then there are also some other types of scars that are a lot more stubborn and while they won’t cause any pain or any other kind of health problems, they can greatly affect the emotional state of the person depending on where these scars are located. If you are one of those people whose sense of self-esteem has been affected by your scars, then you would probably like to look for any possible measures that you can take in order to reduce the appearance of these scars. Let us go over some tips and tricks that can be very successful in achieving this.

1. Act as early as possible after an accident

It is not always possible to know when an injury or surgery has taken place and whether or not it will lead to any type of scarring after it has been healed. With that being said, it is also true that the faster you act and the better you take care of the wound, the less the chances of experiencing extreme scarring will be. Most skincare professionals suggest that you keep any new wounds clean(mild soap and water will do the trick) and also hydrated (you can try petroleum jelly). They also recommend that you cover the wound with a type of adhesive bandage in order to make sure that the wound is clean and is moist. Another thing that you may want to make sure of is to clean the wound once everyday and to also keep it from getting exposed to direct sunlight. It is important to understand that following these steps will not only help the wound from getting any type of infection but that it will also help the natural healing process of the body and hence, minimize the appearance of scars. 

2. Stay Cautious When You Are In The Sun

There are some people who believe that being exposed to the sun for long periods of time can actually make their scars blend in with their natural skin color. This is not true at all. The opposite is true in these types of cases, with too much exposure to the sun being a cause of discoloration of the scars even more. It is also a fact that scar tissues are much more prone to get damaged by the sun than the other parts of your skin. It is for these reasons that you must make sure that you protect yourself and your scars from the UV rays of the sun. The most practical and probably the easiest way to achieve this is to stay away from getting exposed to the sun for long periods of time. Also, when spending time outdoors, it will be a good idea to apply SPF 30+ sunscreen to your skin and especially for your scars. You may also want to wear clothing that will protect you when you are outdoors and exposed to the sun. 

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3. Topical Treatments Can Help

It is very true that the scars you have cannot just be waved away with the use of a magic wand. But, it is also true that you can drastically cut down on the amount of time it takes to fade the scars by using some particular topical lotions, clears and also gels. Some of the more common ingredients that you will be able to find in these products are cocoa butter, aloe vera, Vitamin E, honey, and other types of hydrating materials as well. Vaseline in particular can really help with soothing and reducing the appearance of these scars. 

4. Consider Light Therapy

Light therapy is a form of therapy that is relatively cheap, is very effective and almost completely harmless. In fact, light therapy has gotten so popular that a quick Google search on the topic and you will quickly find that some of your most favorite celebrities are using this form of therapy for their skincare routine. 

The way light therapy works is by simulating the natural light of the outdoors in an indoor environment. This is done with the help of a light box. Normally, these light boxes are about 10,000 lux units of light strong. Light that is this concentrated has numerous benefits for the skin and in reducing the appearance of scars. This is mainly due to the fact that light therapy greatly enhances the production of collagen in the skin. This helps the scars to heal a lot faster. 

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