How to practice medicine in Australia?


Are you a professional in the medical field, interested in applying for a visa process and carrying out your profession in Australian soil? Know that it is possible to practice medicine in Australia. The area of health – more specifically medicine – has a great demand for professionals, and, in the same proportion, diverse requirements and demands.

As it is a delicate area that is in direct contact with the population on a daily basis, and because the level required to work in the country is exceptional, the demand for professionals is high, to be able to serve the entire population with excellence. The country is experiencing a shortage of qualified professionals, mainly in inland regions.

In this post, we will show how it is possible to validate the diploma in another country, which department is responsible for the documentation and the requirements to be fulfilled. If you are a doctor and want to work and live in this beautiful country, read on!

How to validate a medical degree in Australia?

Although the demand for surgeons, psychiatrists, anesthetists and others is great, these are probably the areas with the most demands and requirements for the validation of the profession in Australia.

Each profession is admitted by a specific department, which is responsible for validating the diploma and authenticating it in the country. Medicine in Australia is recognized by the MedBA (Medical Board of Australia) department.

If you are in the medical field and your degree was obtained outside Australia or New Zealand, you will need to obtain a nationally issued registration equivalent to the CFM (Federal Council of Medicine) and provide proof of recognition of skills, or skills recognition of the AMC (Australian Medical Council) – an organization committed to upholding the quality standards of the medical professions and protecting the health of the Australian population.

In this process, it is essential to provide proof of your academic training and professional experience, as well as submitting such documents for analysis by the responsible body.

Originally, there are three main paths to application. Below, we will show what these categories are and which professional profile each one is suitable for.

Regulation with Competent Authority

The Competent Authority Pathway modality, or The Competent Authority Pathway is a path indicated for professionals who wish to work with medicine in Australia, and have not been trained abroad, but it can also include general practitioners, identified in Brazil as “general practitioners”. If you want to achieve a general record, this is the right way to go.

The first step is to find out if the completed course is accepted by the Australian Medical Council and if your university is listed in the World Directory of Medical Schools, or World Directory of Medical Schools (WDOMS). From this verification, you must enroll in MedBA (Medical Board of Australia).

IMGs (International Medical Graduates) who pass certified exams in Australia, or who have completed training by an institution approved by the Australian Medical Board, may request this assessment.

The Australian Board of Medicine has a number of international institutions to assess applicants’ medical knowledge and clinical skills.

Some of these institutions are:

  • General Medical Council (UK)
  • Medical Council of Canada (LMCC)
  • Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates of the United States (USMLE)
  • Medical Council of New Zealand (NZREX)
  • Medical Council of Ireland (IRL)

Under current law, the Australian Board of Medicine may provide a record – provisional or general – based on the equivalence of qualifications awarded, or upon completion of an examination. This process requires the satisfactory completion of 12 months of supervised practice, with a minimum of 47 weeks of full-time service. From the requirement of 12 months of supervised experience, the MedBA (Medical Board of Australia) determines the obligation to have a job offer to start the process of recognition of the profession in Australia.

Regulation for Specialist

The Specialist regulation, or The Specialist Pathway, is intended for foreign-trained specialist physicians who wish to match their academic background with that of an Australian-trained specialist in the same field, and also for overseas trained specialists in some specialized area of need in Australia.

Physicians who have an initial qualification in medicine and surgery at an institution recognized by the AMC and the WDOMS and who meet the training and examination requirements for acting in this specialty in their country of origin, may also request evaluation in this modality – specialized recognition or area of necessity.

In this case, applications must be carried out directly at specialized universities, in their proper area of expertise.

Regulation for Standard Physician

If you do not fit into the above modalities, the regulation alternative to Standard Physician, or The Standard Pathway, is the path that can grant you general registration on the Board of Directors. This path is the standard for IMGs (International Medical Graduates) seeking general registration on the Board of Directors.

Choosing this path, the physician must have qualifications in general medicine and surgery, granted by an institution recognized by the AMC and WDOMS. For professionals who wish to apply for this regulation, the application must be made directly with the AMC.

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Remembering that before you can register, you must have completed AMC CAT MQC tests.

Important informations

It is extremely important to check all necessary information, documents and evidence directly with the responsible bodies. Remembering that this entire process must be carried out before your trip to Australia.More info click here f95zone

Physicians who go through the process and start their profession in Australia must, first of all, have a MedBA record in the specific region where they intend to work. Once a visa is available, physicians must also apply to Medicare Australia and hold a Medicare Provider Number to be able to prescribe medication or engage in GP activities.Read more about tamilmv

In this article, we saw that practicing medicine in Australia is not such a simple process to complete, however it becomes valuable in the end. The country has several opportunities in the most varied areas of medicine and the responsible departments value the excellence of professionals.visit here tamilmv

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