How to play online baccarat?


Baccarat is one of the top casino games being popular among the masses. It is easy to play and is enough to know the following.

Start of the game – Similar to all other casino games, you would have to provide your bet amount to the dealer to start the game. However, you should also choose any one of the two hands out there, the banker’s and the player’s hand. The names are mere identification factors and there is no compulsion for you to always go with the player’s hand.

Gameplay – Traditional baccarat is a game solely played by the dealer and you should not do anything other than guessing the hand. So, the dealer will come into action once you have chosen the hand. He will place the first card on the player’s hand to start the game. Following this, a card will go to the banker’s hand. Since the first round should have two cards, he would do the same and place the second card on the two hands.

Calculation and winning – Each card of the deck would contain any value on its face. For instance, if the card contains a number between two and nine, the same value would get added to the total of the hand. However, the card with ten on it does not add any value to the hand. Similarly, the face cards with letters on them also do not contribute to the total of the hand. But the ace or the card with A on it could add one point to the total. As said earlier, the dealer would start looking for these values on both hands after he places two cards each. Let us assume that the player’s hand has got a three and a five. Now, he will add these two values and come up with a total of eight. Afterward, he will check the same for the banker’s hand. If the total goes somewhere below eight, the player’s hand would win as the value eight is the closest to nine. If any of the hands gets nine itself, the hand will be the winner regardless of the opponent’s hand. At times, neither of the hands would get eight or nine. So, there would be a second-round where the dealer would give another card to both hands. If the total is greater than ten, the unit digit would be the value.

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