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Wood lacquer is like a layer of protective clothing for wood products such as furniture and floors. It can not only cover up the defects of the wood surface, but also show the beautiful texture of the wood, and at the same time protect the wood from damage. So what are the types of wood paint? What is the construction process? What are the precautions?

1. Classification of wood paint

Wood paint refers to a type of resin paint used on wood products, including polyester, polyurethane paint, etc.,l which can be divided into water-based and oil-based. According to the gloss, it can be divided into high gloss, semi-matte and matte. According to the purpose, it can be divided into furniture paint, floor paint, etc.

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Water-based wood paint

Water-based wood paint uses water as a solvent without any harmful volatilization. It is currently the safest and most environmentally friendly furniture paint. However, due to the comprehensive factors such as coating effect and coating process, the market share of water-based furniture paint in the domestic market is still very low, but its low-carbon and environmentally friendly concept is the future development direction of furniture paint. It is believed that with the continuous advancement of technology, the application of water-based furniture paint will become more and more extensive.

Although water-based paint has the advantages of environmentally friendly paint film, there is still a certain gap between single-component water-based paint and two-component oil-based paint in terms of hardness and high temperature resistance. For example, it is very easy to show its lack of performance when used on the table and the floor. This functional defect led to the development of water-based paint.

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Oily wood paint

This wood lacquer is a paint coating used on wood for a long time. It is the most common and most common type of paint and coating. It is usually called “Tina Water” or “Banana Water”. However, with the penetration of modern environmental protection concepts, oil-based wood paints have begun to decline. Although environmentally-friendly water-based wood paints have become more and more popular, current oil-based wood paints still have advantages that water-based wood paints do not have. There is still a long way to go if you want to completely replace the oily wood lacquer.Oily wood lacquer has strong adhesion, it is easy to bond with the wooden base surface after brushing, and it is more difficult to scrape off the wood after it is completely dried. 

The filling property is also quite good. It can basically fill the small holes and cracks on the surface of the wood, and the surface looks quite flat. After the paint film is completely dried, its hardness is difficult to match with the current water-based wood paint. Wooden furniture such as furniture will inevitably bump during use. If the paint film is not hard enough, the paint film will be easily knocked off. Make the wood very unsightly. Woodware painted with oily wood lacquer looks unusually shiny after being completely dried, which can make the furniture look better.

The biggest disadvantage of oil-based wood paint is its poor environmental protection. Compared with water-based paint, oil-based wood paint contains a lot of harmful substances to the human body. If it is exposed to a large amount for a long time, it is easy to cause harm to the human body.

2. Construction technology

Wood paint construction technology is divided into varnish construction technology and oil mixing construction technology .

The varnish construction process is first to apply coloring oil or toning oil and then varnish to protect the veneer and wood line. If it is to maintain the original color for varnishing, then the surface must be cleaned after the material is purchased on the construction site and the first pass of “paint protection” must be carried out immediately.

In the oil mixing construction process, first clean up the dust and dirt on the surface of the woodware, then mix the surface of the woodware with putty, and after it is dry, use sandpaper to polish and brush the paint for the first time, and spot the defects, and wait for it to be dry. Then polish with sandpaper, then brush the paint a second time, and repeat the process of polishing with sandpaper after it is dry, and then brush the paint for the third time. Generally speaking, it is advisable to mix two to three times.

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3. matters needing attention

  1. The wood paint should be painted after the ground construction is completed, and the construction should be kept ventilated and free of dust, so as not to affect the overall effect. Wood paint and latex paint cannot be applied at the same time;
  2. The wood needs to be dried, and the moisture content should not exceed 15%. The humidity and temperature of the construction environment should not be too high. 3. The paint products are mostly three-component (main paint, thinner, curing agent), stir evenly before mixing, strictly according to the ratio Paint;
  3. Choose matching diluents and curing agents to avoid biting and wrinkling;
  4. Filter after blending, stand still for 10-15 minutes before painting;
  5. The coating film should not be too thick in one application, and the next layer of construction must be done after the coating film is completely dry;
  6. Wood paint must be thoroughly polished before construction, until the entire paint film feels smooth and flat, to avoid poor adhesion between layers, resulting in layer formation.

Recommendation: Regardless of whether it is water-based wood paint or oily wood paint, ventilation should be paid attention to during construction to avoid gas accumulation in confined spaces, and the paint can be used after the paint is completely dry.

Wooden furniture is generally painted, and wooden lacquer is like the clothes of wooden furniture, which can cover up defects such as scarring and color difference, and can also show the beauty of wood.

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