How to obtain your newborn’s birth certificate


Knowing the process for obtaining a birth certificate for your child is always vital if you are an Indian expecting a child soon.

It is very easy to apply for a birth certificate as soon as your child is delivered, but if you wait much longer, it could become challenging. Let’s go through some information that will enable you to apply for your child’s birth certificate.

Application procedure for a birth certificate

Get a birth certificate registration form at the registrar’s office as the first step

Step 2: The medical officer in charge provides the form when a kid is born at a hospital.

Step 3: Submit the form within 21 days of the child’s birth.

Step 4: The birth certificate is granted after police verification if the birth is not recorded within 21 days of the event.

Step 5: The applicant receives their birth certificate when the registrar has verified their birth information (birth date, time, place, parents’ ID, nursing home, etc.).

Step 6: Follow up with the local government to receive the birth certificate seven days after submitting an application for one.

Step 7: The birth certificate is mailed to the specified address within 7–14 business days once a self-addressed stamped envelope is presented at the municipality office.

Documents required to register a child’s birth:

One of the most important documents for enabling access to numerous government programmes is a birth certificate. The following documents are required:

-A letter the hospital supplied as proof of birth. The birth letter is given at the time of delivery at hospitals all around the nation.

-A copy of one of your address documents that has been self-attested and the parents’ birth certificates.

Voter ID cards, utility or energy bills, passports, Aadhaar cards, ration cards, and active bank accounts are examples of address proof.

What makes a birth certificate significant?

The birth certificate is crucial for a child’s admittance to schools or universities, for hospital benefits, and for proving inheritance and property claims. It establishes a kid’s identity and is the first right of a child. For the subsequent procedures, it becomes crucial:

  • Setting an age limit for insurance purposes
  • Proof of parentage
  • Age verification for work and marriage registration
  • Entry into a school or college
  • Determining the eligibility age for registering to vote
  • Signing up for NPR (National Population Register)
  • Making a passport application
  • Prerequisites for immigration (like getting a green card)

Without a birth certificate, a person cannot be considered an Indian citizen and is not entitled to all rights and benefits.

So always keep in mind to receive your child’s birth certificate as soon as you can after the baby is born!

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