How to Make Your Meal Preparations Uncomplicated


If you love to spend time in the kitchen, then you know that you have no problem with making a mess in the kitchen because you can easily clean it up after you are done. On the contrary, when you are horrified by the mere thought of cooking, then you know that it’s a hustle when you have to go to the kitchen.

Nonetheless, the most stressful part of any cooking is the whole process that is involved when making the meal. Well, what if there was a way to make your meal preparation much simpler and even motivate you to enter your kitchen more often? Luckily for you, this article reviews that. Keep reading to find out more!

1. Have a Logjam of Recipes

It is a simple yet easy way to ensure that you do not mess up your meal. In most cases, these recipes come with the needed ingredients so you’ll have a clear list of the groceries and everything else you need to get from the store for the meal.

Moreover, it gives you the privilege to select the meal you want to prepare based on the time you want to spend in the kitchen and your available time at hand to spare.

These recipes increase your confidence in cooking your own meals, which essentially increases your affinity to eat healthy meals at home rather than ordering takeout. You are even in a position to try other cuisines and delicacies.

2. Equip Your Kitchen

Kitchen equipment and gadgets help to make your work easier. For instance, if you choose a good kitchen cabinet design, then you not only have a place to store your supplies and other items, you also make your kitchen appealing to be in.

Gadgets such as onion cutters, knives holders and sharpeners, food processors, slow cooker, hand blenders, and mandolin make up just essentials every kitchen needs. And the list doesn’t just end here. There are numerous appliances that will revolutionize your kitchen experience.

If you can afford them then do not be shy to invest in kitchen appliances that will make your work as effortless as possible.

3. Plan Out Your Weekly Meals


Preparing a meal is quite simple if you already know what to cook or what you want to eat. So, plan out the meals you want to cook the entire week. Know what they will require, have a recipe beforehand, and the groceries.

When you have these prepared, all you need to do when you get home is to just head to the kitchen and follow the instructions given in the recipe.  In essence, you’ll have minimized the stress that comes about being stuck in an endless chain of picking out what to eat for dinner. It is also a time-saving strategy. With this plan, you can incorporate something else into the extra time

4. Make Spices Your Friend

If you have always wondered why the takeout and your cooked meal taste worlds apart despite being the same dish, then the secret is the apices and timing. Now what you need to do is to go and get all the necessary spices and store them in your house. The chances that you’ll order takeout again are slim.

You can try each of them to make up a recipe that you like, or simply follow the recipes and add the required spices.

5. Clear as You Go

Making a mess while you cook is quite easy. However, you can easily avoid it by clearing as you go. It’s a simple and efficient method. Essentially, you prepare everything, including your ingredients before cooking. So as you add them to the meal while you cook, you clean the container and set it aside.

As you finish cooking, you’ll realize that you’ll have done almost all the containers and you’ll be left with a few to clean after you have your meal.  Ideally, you’ll not be grossed by your kitchen when you are done cooking. Look for good-looking cabinets like OPPOLIA to keep your kitchen neat and tidy at all times.

6. Always Leave Your Kitchen Clean

It’s quite simple actually when you leave dirty dishes on the sink, it implies that you’ll have to clean them the following day before you prepare your dinner, which might demotivate you. So, to make things simple, always leave your kitchen clean. It minimizes your work when you’ll next be preparing a meal.

The Bottom Line

Meal preparation doesn’t have to be a complicated process. All you need to do is invest in the right kitchen gadgets, get a collection of recipes, plan week’s meals, and purpose to clean after you are done. See! It’s actually quite easy. Have fun!

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