How to make a flawless skin care routine for perfect skin?


If you are a beauty enthusiast, then you are very familiar with different skincare regimens. Some routines will work wonders for you but may not be as effective for others. But, despite trying a hundred products and tips, if your skin is not improving, you have to understand that you are doing something wrong. It might be on your schedule, the products you use, or some fault that makes your regimen less effective. Here in this article, we will discuss some standard skincare practices with perfect techniques to make your routine simple and effective. Please scroll below to get a brief discussion on effective skincare.

Product storage

Most of our beauty products come with descriptions of storage. You need to follow the manufacturer’s direction to get the best benefit within the shelf life. For example, vitamin C or ascorbic acid is a trendy active ingredient in skincare these days. It is a very potent antioxidant and prevents free radical damage very efficiently. But, vitamin C is a volatile formulation, and direct sunlight or temperature rise can oxidize it. You have to be careful while buying vitamin C and not fall for marketing gimmicks at all. Aluminum dropper bottles are the best choice for a vitamin C serum or essence storage. It will prevent direct sunlight and increase the efficacy of your vitamin. Nowadays, you will find some shaded plastic bottles or tinted glass bottles that provide good protection to your vitamin c. It works as well, but when it comes to getting the best results, nothing can beat the success rate of aluminum bottles. Besides, it looks elegant and gives you a relaxing vibe during your skincare. The most important step of skincare is to enjoy it. You have to take it as a calming ritual, not a routine. Otherwise, it will be boring and feel like a burden. By now, we all agree that skincare is a lifelong process, and it takes time to improve your skin conditions. So, you have to be patient and precise about your routine.

Spraying technique

Earlier, we talked about a storage technique that may affect your skincare results. Now we are about to talk about application methods. Toner and essences are the newest edition in our skincare regime and became the favorite very quickly. These products have excellent penetration rates and show faster results to improve your skin conditions. But, you may be missing out on the benefits due to a faulty application technique. Most skincare influencers will show you applying the toner or essence with a cotton pad. The cotton pad has nothing wrong with it. It helps to cleanse your pores, and natural fibers cause the slightest abrasion. But, the concern is the wastage of products. Cotton pads are very well absorbing and soaks in most of the liquid you pour. So, you will be getting very little work on your face. It is better to use aluminum fine mist bottles to apply your liquids. You can spray the total amount of product on your face directly with a fine mist bottle. Ordinary spray bottles will also do the work fine. But, a fine mist spray has some specialty. It creates an intense pressure to excrete the product in tiny particles. So, it will reach every part of your face and settle down quickly. The less the molecular size and weight of a product, the better the absorption rate; and These seem like tiny mistakes, but together they can create a significant impact. Try to follow the rules as mentioned earlier for the best results with your skincare regime.

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