How to import jewelry from china?


How to import jewelry from china?

China is a country that weighs heavily in international trade . Most of the world’s imports come from this country, which is a great opportunity for the fashion jewelry trade. Fashion jewelry has always been a dynamic area for business. 

However, the problem that remains recurrent in international trade remains, for traders, how to import goods from abroad, more particularly from china. So we will see how to go about importing fashion jewelry from china , including how to select products and find the right suppliers. Then we will also see what problems can arise and how to solve them.

The business of fashion jewelry

Fashion jewelry is always more successful and the range is very wide . They range from simple silver pieces to very sophisticated jewelry. Selling fashion jewelry can be a very profitable business because it meets the needs of consumers of all ages. There are several ways to run a fashion jewelry business, it can be operated full time or part time. 

Import fashion jewelry from china

As we said, the amount of goods imported from china is increasing, especially the import of jewelry. China has one of the largest costume jewelry markets in the world with a wide range of all kinds of fashion jewelry . This is what provides china with more jewelry business opportunities.

Fashion jewelry trend today

If you want to work in fashion products, you have to follow trends, even be ahead of them. For that it is necessary: 

Gather information from the wholesale website

There is knowing the trends and knowing the trends in detail. Examining wholesale sites allows you to be informed about the biggest sales and therefore about the jewelry that is currently selling best. There are three main websites in china where you can see which fashion Wholesale Jewelry is selling best such as alibaba , crov and made-in china .

Gather information from fashion magazine

You can find useful information in fashion magazines. The pandora magazine, for example, is one of the best known. You can find  great brands there that sell well on costume jewelry and costume jewelry made with different materials. Accessories magazine , provides the latest trending jewelry reports.

Costume jewelry suppliers in china

Each product produced, including jewelry, has its own place of origin . You have to pay attention to where the supplier is, whether you are in china itself, or searching the internet like alibaba. Costume jewelry made in china is particularly produced in the following 5 places:

Yiwu low and high quality fashion jewelry production 

Yiwu in zhejiang province has one of the largest wholesale markets in china . Jewelry sales make up a large part of the market, so it’s easy to source fashion jewelry here. This city is a good choice if you want to find cheap but qualified fashion jewelry. In addition to this the market brings together many suppliers from all over china.

Guangzhou, guangdong province: fashion jewelry capital of the world

If you’re looking for mid to high-end fashion jewelry, guangzhou hualin international jewelry market is the place to go. The first floor being devoted to jade accessories and the second particularly to precious stone products. The third and fourth floors specialize in the wholesale of costume jewelry. If you want to haggle over jade goods, this is where you’ll make your best bet.

Qingdao, shandong province

Since this city is close to south korea, most of the fashion jewelry here is korean style . So if that’s the kind of jewelry you want to do business with, the jimolu small commodities market is the place to be. Jade jewelry is also a specialty here.

The advantage here is that if you are a start-up and want to create your own brand, this place can be interesting because suppliers offer a semi-manufacturing service there . Which means you can just provide your product design and the supplier takes care of the manufacturing.

Shenzhen, guangdong province

Shenzhen is one of the places you should not miss if you want to find high-end fashion jewelry . Knowing that the shenzhen international jewelry fair held there represents a large fashion jewelry wholesale market.

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