How To Get Ready In 5 Minutes: Fashion Tips For Moms


A mother in a family is everyone’s go-to person for everything, be it kids or in-laws or husband. Mother has the answers to all the questions. Not only this, the full-time job, dropping your kid to school and always keeping check of everyone’s needs do not give them time for themselves. But amidst this hustle-bustle, don’t you think mothers are neglecting their self-care? When you become a family person, you are bowed down with many responsibilities on your shoulders. How to manage all the duties as well as take out some quality time for themselves?

Moms, too, have the right to look bright and beautiful as any other women. Taking care of yourself is part of taking care of kids. The way you take care of yourself will eventually unconsciously make the children learn how they should keep themselves? So why impart a lousy impression on your kids.

Moms have every right to look beautiful and confident in their bright clothes. Give yourself a good makeover that will help you feel more established, secure and happy. But how to take out time to look fashionable classic? Here are some fashion tips for moms that will get you ready in five minutes –

Basics always work

Your go-to fashion is the everyday basics. Fill your wardrobe with the style of workhorses. It makes you look classic and on point. As it is said, style is the way to say who you are without having to speak. Your clothes reflect your personality. Pick up the basics that always keep you in style, and you don’t have to do a lot of thinking in picking up clothes. Regular blue jeans or pants, a classic jacket with a funny t shirt, a cute midi dress and perfect tiptoe shoes will always work.

You can style your white blouse in umpteen styles and pick up flats if you are sometimes uncomfortable in heels. Make your feet the focus point.

Colour palette

Pick the colours that suit you. Colours say a lot about your mood and style. There are some all-time favourite colours like black, white and blue. Make sure to keep them in your wardrobe. Add the pop of other colours in your closet to give a standout look. If you like to wear black, then pop it an orange scarf or carry other colour footwear. It adds a bold statement to your personality. Don’t make your wardrobe an ocean of colours; instead, limit it to the favourites that will aid you in speeding up your getting ready process.

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Add vitamins to the outfit

Accessories are those vitamins that give a unique statement, a bold look to your outfit. Keep a collection of accessories – ornamental jewellery, classic rings, scarves, stylish bags and outwears, which you can mix and match according to your dress. As it is said, elegance is good taste but with a dash of daring. Accessories complete the outfit in an unexceptional way.

Sometimes people ask, how do you always manage to look perfect with your minimalist style? Accessories are your answer. Accessories make everything better.


The famous saying “ Give a girl the right footwear, and she will conquer the world” proves itself right in a literal sense also. The proper footwear will pull off your outfit like anything. Wearing the wrong footwear can pull down your one of the best outfit. Pick the appropriate footwear and conquer your outfit.

Put it all together

What else is required when your basics with striking colours, accessories and shoes are ready? Put it all together, and you are one of the fashionista mom. You can keep your things ready a day before at night to have no rush in the morning. Keep the clothes ironed, and you are done. Not much thinking in selecting clothes would take you five minutes to become a super stylish mom. You will be ready in record time.

What else? Get your kids ready in stylish clothes, too, with the saved time. Let kids pick up their choice of dress and let them make these small decisions of their life themselves. It makes them happy. Provide your kid with the alternatives, let them choose their favourite colour of the day, respect their pet peeves, give them solutions for it, and finally make them feel proud of themselves.

All the kids want to look like their parents. They copy them. What your kids wear is a reflection of your parent’s personality. Make them look the best in their chosen outfit. If you are interested in buying quick custom t-shirt then you can explore PrintShop by Designhill online store.

So all the moms, these are some fashion tips which will make you more efficient in less time. Follow it to conquer the busy world around you. Become an example for other moms and pass on these healthy, fashionable tips to become a fashionist stuck between family and office work.

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