How To Extend The Life Of Your Lithium Battery


Lithium batteries are utilized in various modern devices, from mobile phones and laptops to wireless power tools and electric vehicles. Even though lithium batteries are the most extensively used technology for portable energy storage, consumers misunderstand how to keep them functioning for as long as possible. In this article, we will reveal important tips on how to extend the lifespan of lithium batteries.

Avoid Extreme Temperatures

When using lithium-ion batteries, try to avoid extreme high and low temperatures. Temperature increases can hasten the deterioration of nearly every battery component and pose severe safety issues. Unplug a laptop or mobile device if it becomes unusually hot while charging. Reduce exposure to low temperatures.

Nearly all manufacturers of electric vehicles include caution regarding excessive temperatures in their owner’s manuals. When temperatures rise, some experts recommend plugging in your car and parking in the shade to give the battery cooling system a chance to function normally. You should also plug the vehicle in cold weather so the battery heating system can use grid power. You can also note the following important tips:

  • Avoid excessive temperatures:  When lithium-ion batteries are exposed to severe temperatures for extended periods, their health might deteriorate. Suppose a storm is designed for use in cold weather applications. In that case, it must be equipped with a heater managed by the battery management system to prevent charging at temperatures below freezing.
  • Follow the lithium-ion battery companies‘ and manufacturers’ instructions: These will offer more specific parameters. Charging is safe between 32° and 113° F, while discharging is safe between -40° and 131° F.
  • Cool and partially charged storage space: Batteries should be stored with a state of charge between 40 and 50 percent. Even when turned off, batteries will slowly decline; check them every few months to ensure their charge level does not go below 20%.

No Fast Charging And Partial Discharges

Using rapid chargers is convenient but accelerates the degradation of lithium-ion batteries. Likewise, discharging a battery too quickly causes battery degeneration via many methods. Reducing screen brightness while sitting in your new chair mold, disabling location services, and closing high-power-consumption programs might help slow the discharge pace for mobile devices and laptops.

If a lithium-ion battery is depleted below 2.5 volts per cell, an internal safety circuit opens, especially steam valves, and the battery seems dead. The original charger will no longer function. Only battery analyzers with boost functionality have the potential to recharge the battery.

Also, for safety concerns, do not recharge lithium batteries stored in a deeply drained state for several months.

Not Store Batteries On Charger

Some makers of cordless power tools tell people not to keep batteries in the charger, while others say not to use the battery. Some say the battery’s temperature should be at least 32 degrees Fahrenheit and no more than 104 degrees. Lithium-ion batteries do not have charge memory, unlike stored NiCad batteries. That means there is no need for deep-discharge cycles. Partial-discharge cycles are better for the storm.

Lithium-ion batteries should be almost completely discharged after 30 charges. Continuous partial discharges cause “digital memory,” making the power gauge less accurate. So let the battery run down until it shuts off, and then charge it. The power meter will reset.

Minimize The Time Spend

Reduce the time the battery spends at 100 percent or zero percent charge. Batteries are stressed by charging states that can be very high and very low. Consider using a partial charge that recovers the battery to 80% SoC instead of a full charge. If that is not possible, unplug the gadget once it reaches 100 percent. Samsung and LG recommend recharging their phones when they get a 20% state of charge. Nokia and Sony warn of potential damage if a phone is left charging after gaining 100 percent.

In most laptops, the internal battery management system will suspend charging after the battery reaches a 100 percent state of charge and will not continue until the battery reaches 95 percent SoC. However, many laptop manufacturers advise against leaving the device plugged in after charging is complete.

Integrate Battery Management System

Utilizing a lithium-ion battery with an intelligent battery management system provides the fleet numerous benefits. Fleet managers can connect to the cloud and provide vital information to fleet members via onboard computers. This data includes battery health and usage.

Lithium-ion batteries with innovative battery system management tools offer longer lithium battery life by:

  • It notifies employees when a lithium-ion battery is nearly depleted. It checks personnel that there is a need to recharge the lithium battery to prevent damage and its warranty.
  • It monitors all battery-related data. The battery system transmits measurements wirelessly to the cloud via local networks or cellular. It identifies potential problems before equipment downtime.
  • It evaluates the temperature of the cells. Moreover, it guarantees that they remain within safe functioning and charging limits.


The use of lithium-ion batteries is revolutionizing the material handling business. They are an interesting option for companies that wish to boost productivity and cut costs over time. It is especially true while maximizing lithium-ion battery life. Also essential are the methods needed to charge and store these batteries properly. With these procedures, lithium-ion batteries will have a longer lifespan, and the industrial and material handling equipment industries will be more productive. Hence, it is undeniable how you might want to switch to a simple technology that works perfectly.

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