The hybrid model involves a single department or a percentage of the company working remotely and a specific part of the company functioning inside the office. You may work flexibly in this model, which means, for some days, you work in the office, and for other days, you work from your home. Thus, an effective hybrid work policy is needed to review how we work as a team to thrive and build back even stronger than before.

A hybrid model is a new approach to managing work and leadership and managing the personal challenges of motivation, finding flow and individual productivity. So let’s learn how to create a compelling hybrid policy for our employees.


Working at an office and working from home have their advantages. Let’s see what the benefits of implementing a hybrid work policy are.

  • In a hybrid model, you can hire both locally and globally. Local people can work inside your office, and employees from outside can work from their homes.
  • This model reduces property rental and servicing costs as you don’t need to rent ample office space and set up several desktops for your employees to work together at a time.
  • You get the opportunity to rethink what the office is for. With fewer people in, you can have a breakout room and more space for on-site training.
  • A lot of people are happy working from home. So you have got a happy team when you give them the flexibility of working from home and in the office.
  • When employees are happy, they’ll say this company is a great place to work, impacting your reputation in the industry. Thus, more people would be willing to work with you.


Now the question arises of how to craft a hybrid work policy to make sure that things work right. There are many things to consider when implementing a new work model, so we’ll go through them one by one.

1. Consideration Your Employees

  • Think can everyone comfortably work from home, do they even like working at home. Take your employees’ opinions on this.
  • Ask them if they have private space and a suitable setup to work – a desk, proper chair, proper broadband connection, and devices to work on.
  • Consider people who live on rent or shared housing. Think if they can actually work from home. In such a case, it may not give the desired output you are looking for in your business.
  • Think about parents who struggle to work from home with children around. Ask them if they are sure children will not necessarily impact their day-to-day work.

2. Make Changes In Contracts

  • A lot of contracts need you to specify your actual place of work. So, with the hybrid model, you will likely need to make changes to the employment contract.
  • You would need to specify the hybrid remote work schedule in the contract. Also, the number of days an employee is expected to work in the office and home.
  • Some terms will also need to be updated, such as places of work, hours of work, benefits, expenses and confidentiality.
  • You will also need updated main terms and conditions for employment.

3. Train Your Staff

  • Consider effective communication for work such as video conferencing, virtual meetings, conference calls etc.
  • Ensure employees get appropriate breaks in between the virtual meetings and calls.
  • Give the training to staff about hybrid model according to the type of your business.
  • Training must also be made available to remote workers via video conferencing or recording.

4. Working Hours Requests

  • Employees can still make flexible working requests while working from home.
  • Ensure policy and procedures are in place to recognise and deal with such requests.
  • Include informal requests and those not meeting the minimum working hours rule.

5. Protection Of Data

  • Train staff on data protection, especially if working from home and dealing with personal data.
  • Ask them if their computers are locked when unattended so that the data is not breached.
  • Ensure the confidential information and personal data secured safely when not in use, and family members, housemates, and others do not have access to them.
  • Ask the employees if hard copies are shredded or securely destroyed following the organisation’s data protection retention policies.

6. Staff Monitoring

  • Employers may monitor the staff by internet history or more extremes, e.g. keystrokes.
  • Employees are entitled to some privacy at work, including when they are working from home.
  • Keep in touch with each other and constantly communicate to be aware of where we all are and what we all are doing. Set up group chats with your team. More info Click here 7starhd

7. Hiring Employees From Abroad

  • This may involve bespoke employment and tax considerations.
  • Obvious time zone issues may arise.
  • Risk assessments and pre-approvals may be required.
  • Employers insurance should cover the above scenarios.

8. Insurance Policies

  • Employers must ensure their insurance policies cover employees working remotely and any potential liabilities that may arise.
  • Employees should be advised to check their home insurance policy is not affected by them working from home.


Hybrid working is a flexible approach to work that allows teams to work both in the office and remotely. The move to hybrid working brings the opportunity to gain the autonomy, flexibility and focus we have always longed for in our workplaces while reclaiming the team engagement, collaboration, creativity and cultural benefits that come from face-to-face time. Visit the site tamilmv

But you must take care that the hybrid work policy doesn’t reduce the visibility of certain employees. Also, there should be no indirect discrimination based on different homeworking setups. You would also need to provide reasonable adjustments for home workers. With all these things kept in mind, you can surely enhance the productivity of your workforce. click here comments On Instagram

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