How to Choose a Suitable Lace Front Wig?


In order to better meet the needs of each customer, the sellers of lace front wigs provide various styles, colors and sizes. So, which one is more suitable for you? How to choose the best lace front wig for yourself? Here are some tips for your reference: hair color, hair texture, hair density, lace color, and cap size.

Hair Color of the Lace Front Wig

It is better to choose the lace front wig colors and styles that are more close to your current hair style and color for the first-time wig wearers. This will help to get used to a slightly different look and look more comfortable.

Lace Color of the Lace Front Wig

Usually, lace is divided into will provide light brown, medium brown, dark brown, transparent lace and HD lace wigs. You can choose the best one to match your skin color.

Hair Texture of the Lace Front Wig

As we know that curly wig is the sexiest. The bounce in a women’s curls is attractive. If you are active and chic, you can choose the straight hair wigs or body wave wigs, if you are more youthful, you can choose a loose deep wigs or a deep wig.

Cap Size of the Lace Front Wig

Measure the whole circumference of your head and write down the measurement, then you should consult the table reference of the wig to choose the most close one with yours. Please note that the wig sizes may be different lightly by different brands. the correct size can make your head more comfortable and natural.

Hair Density of the Lace Front Wig

Density is defined as how thick or thin you want your hair to be. The standard density is 180% which is Medium Density, If you need thick hair you can choose 180%. But if you need more thicker or thinner hair you can also choose the 250% and 150% density for you.

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