Sarees are traditionally worn as the wedding dress in South Indian weddings but are now worn throughout India, and other parts of the world, as formal wear, and as everyday wear. The demand for sarees increased after lot of young influencers posted saree captions on Instagram in recent times. 

A South Indian wedding saree is a thin, wide saree-like fabric that is worn by the bride and groom. It is a gift given by the bride’s family to the groom’s family and is usually worn as a symbol of their relationship. The main reason for their popularity at weddings is the fact that the saree has to be worn at all times and that the bride and the groom have to wear it. Finest sarees from India. Whip-smart to the last detail, they are made to last with the utmost care, which is why they are considered the best. They are made with a unique technique of traditional South Indian weaving, which is used to create a rich, lustrous texture. Thus, below are some tips to buy a south Indian wedding saree. 

  • Fabric matters: If you are buying a wedding saree, decide on fabric from the beginning, since sari fabrics come in different qualities of thread and silk. You have the option of choosing from cotton, silk, rayon, polyester, or hemp. Silk and silk-blend fabrics can be used for more formal wear than cotton, but they can also be very delicate and come in a wide variety of colors, which makes them the perfect accent. Many Indian women choose to wear silk sarees for most of the year because they are so beautiful and unique. The fabric should be easy to fold and inflate, without creasing or rolling.
  • Magnificent drape: The saree drape is typically gorgeous in both its color and texture. It is known for its draping quality, rich luster, versatility in design, and fluid draping structure, as well as its ability to create a variety of looks depending on the fabric and the color. The drape can be a statement in itself. Its incredible luster and texture can be used to accentuate any outfit. The color can be used to add a subtle hue to your overall color palette. The choice of fabric can be a statement as well. choose the one that complements your costume best
  • Best fashion-forward with the landscape: A south Indian wedding saree with a modern, contemporary aesthetic and romantic, yet timeless style. The quantity of sarees available in south India is mind-boggling! The saree market is flooded with colors and patterns, and just when you think you’re done, another color or pattern emerges. A saree is a traditional wedding dress that is made only for a south Indian wedding. The saree can be made in a variety of colors, but the most common are red, green, and blue. The saree is made from white or gold material. The saree is usually made in a saree hall. They are stylish enough to wear despite the realities of the country.
  • Online and offline availability: Both the online and offline availability of south Indian wedding sarees have increased in recent years. A wedding saree is a sari that is part of wedding attire and can be made available in a variety of patterns and textiles. It is one of the most important parts of traditional wedding attire for women and is the basis for the Indian wedding ceremony. If you are looking to buy a wedding saree online, then you can buy south Indian wedding sarees from the comfort of your home. This site gives you the online availability of south Indian wedding sarees in different sizes. 
  • Choose the silk variety depending on your body type: For a fit and thin body, choose thicker silk for a slim and athletic look, and for a fit and thin body, choose thinner silk for a more denatured, less durable, and less comfy look. If you are of the thick and muscular body type, choose the beautiful saris made of pure silk; if you are of the thin and light body type, choose the silk sarees made of cotton, which have slight body prints.
  • Choose the colousr according to your skin tone: For those with tanned skin, choose a light shade of brown. For those with fair skin, choose a light shade of yellow. For those with dark skin, choose a dark shade of purple. White for fair skin types and browns for dark skin types.
  • Choose the borders and design according to your body type: For slim body types, borders should be dark and simple. For heavy body types, borders should be light and detailed. The loose saree refers to the sarees with no borders and the fitted saree refers to the ones with straight borders and more importantly, a panel on the right(front) or left side. 
  • Pick saree according to Silhouette: If you are looking for a saree with a straight silhouette, go for a straight saree; for a saree with a curved silhouette, go for a curved saree; for a saree with a square silhouette, go for a square saree; etc. The overall silhouette is essential to the design of a saree.
  • Take the expert’s advice: Order high-quality materials, such as silk, that are sensitive to light and can last long. Add or remove embellishments as needed. To keep your saree looking fresh and wrinkle-free, avoid ironing and only press it when necessary. Find a silk saree that fits you best and is either Indian or international. A good salesperson can help you with this.

The South Indian saree is a sophisticated and intricate saree that can be worn for special occasions, such as marriages, birthdays, and anniversaries. The style of your saree should match your personality. Snapdeal is a digital fashion brand that offers a new idea of fashion, with an emphasis on the latest trends, models, and aesthetics. We believe that a more personal and authentic approach to fashion has to be adopted from now on. South India’s traditional wedding sarees have become much more affordable and more accessible than years ago.

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