How Much Does Boutique Wholesale Vendors Making Make at FondMart?


A recent survey of FondMart customers revealed that 56% of them have been with the company for three to five years. One customer increased sales by 50% a month in four years, from $310K to $330K. Another customer grew from three staff members to 14 and maintained an annual growth rate of 10%. The success of a brand depends on a fast supply chain. Here, boutique wholesale vendors learn how to maximize their profits by increasing sales.

Fashionable plus-size women’s clothing

If you are looking for stylish and fashionable plus-size women’s clothing, FondMart is the right place to go. The site is operated by trusted vendors from China with more than two million products and over 500 new arrivals every day. It is also backed by a great data analysis team. You can always count on the company to keep you up to date with style trends. With a low MOQ and fast shipping, you’ll find just the right clothing at FondMart.

Moreover, FondMart extensive network of verified plus size women’s clothing manufacturers and wholesalers gives you a wide range of choices. The site features the latest design trends in plus-size women’s clothing. It also features a diverse collection of sizes, so you’re sure to find exactly what you’re looking for. The best part is that you can find clothes for any size and body shape.

No MOQ service

If you are a small-scale wholesale clothing for boutiques and are looking for a dropshipping platform, consider the No MOQ service of FondMart. It is one of the largest platforms of global repertoire, featuring the most inventory and offering a one-stop service to dropshippers, retailers, and wholesalers. FondMart, established in 2020, is comprised of an experienced tertiary industry team, an IT and product outfit, and a professional purchaser. Their No MOQ service allows new overseas traders to take advantage of their low-order quantities without having to invest in expensive inventory.

Activewear is a popular wholesale clothing category that is available in a variety of colors and styles. Many women prefer to wear sports active wear during their workout sessions. Whether you are looking for casual activewear wholesale or plus-size women’s apparel, you will find it at FondMart. You can order from a selection of sizes from small to extra-large. You can also customize your own designs or use stock photos of popular activewear products.


The benefits of working with FondMart are many. Its one-stop-shop approach is seamless for both buyers and sellers, and its team of data analysts and merchandisers ensures the continuous flow of quality products. Its computer-vision technology can also judge the style and color of products, so customers can be sure of receiving the highest quality possible. Its boutique-wholesale vendors can count on commissions ranging from ten to twenty percent.

Because FondMart is personally solonvet involved in the transaction, the company has a strong incentive to scrutinize suppliers carefully and promote transactions. Traditional commission models do not provide such incentives. In addition, a quality-assured policy guarantees a smooth and timely fulfillment of orders. With this quality-assured policy, the company also takes responsibility for settling disputes with buyers and sellers. That means that FondMart is better positioned to control transaction risks.

Settlement fees

If you are a boutique wholesale vendor, you might wonder how to make money with FondMart. You’ve probably heard about listing fees, commissions, and settlement fees, but how do you make money without paying them? In fact, these fees are based on the number of products listed on FondMart, not on sales volume. Here are a few tips that will help you make more money with FondMart.

Firstly, understand the quality of products. FondMart has integration with Shopify, allowing you to sell women’s clothing from the platform. It offers 200,000+ products and over 15,000 suppliers and designers. You can register for free on the site. There are no monthly membership fees or minimum purchase requirements. The only costs businesses will have are shipping and customization. dseklms You’ll also get extra benefits.

Product richness

Listed on the world’s largest repertoire platform, FondMart offers the widest collection of products and one-stop services for boutique wholesale vendors, retailers, and dropshippers. Founded in 2020, FondMart staff includes a seasoned tertiary industry executive, a professional purchaser and introducer, as well as an IT outfit. Through a partnership with this global marketplace, you can access high-quality exchange clothing at a low MOQ and make big profits.


The product selection at FondMart is unrivaled by any septuplets mccaughey father died other marketplace. With over 15,000 designers and suppliers, it is sure to have a product for every taste and budget. And since the database is updated regularly, you won’t find yourself running out of options. In addition, the website’s team of experts helps you organize your inventory and find the best suppliers. The company’s database features over 200,000 products, and the product team to recommend new products to buyers every half-month, so you can avoid restocking the same product several times.

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